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Step Sister Susan

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My first real sexual experience.


My stepsister Susan was dressed in a light blue Baby Doll nightie with matching pantie, lying on our parent's bed talking to her boyfriend on the phone. She was lying so that her head was farthest from the door and her bent legs were closest so I was looking full on at her crotch. As she talked her legs, which were bent up, would periodically splay out to the sides to touch the bed spread. She was working on her flexibility for cheerleading. Each time she did this and she wasn't looking at me I would steal a look at the crotch of her panties. Her dark curly hair clearly shone through the crotch and I could see lots of hair peeking out the sides. There was clearly a dark spot right in the middle of the mound that seemed to be getting bigger.

It was early Sunday morning and our parents (Dad and my stepmom) were out for the morning. My youngest two stepbrothers were in the TV room down the hall. I had been in the kitchen and was walking back to my bedroom, which was just across the hall from my parent's room when I saw this sight. I stopped and leaned in to listen and vicariously participate in the conversation as I knew her boyfriend. And of course to enjoy this sexy, stimulating sight.

We were both 16 and I had moved in just a couple of months before. I had had sex with a girl only once and that had been several months before this. That had been in the dark and the only thing I knew about female anatomy was from anatomy books. Susan was 5' tall and built like a brick shit house. Her breasts were at least a C cup and I knew she was hairy from finding her soiled panties with hairs imbedded in the crusty gusset in the bathroom and in her clothes hamper. We flirted quite a bit but had never acted on anything because my stepmother was pretty protective and ever watchful; and I had endured more than one lecture about staying in my room and away from Susan.

I finally had to stand to the side of the door with my crotch out of view because I was getting a terrific hard on.

Finally I could not take it any longer and went into my room and closed the door. I sat in the chair at my desk and whipped my cock out and started to relieve the pressure that had built up from the beautiful crotch shots Susan had given me. I thought I was pretty cool about the whole thing and Susan did not know what I was up to while getting an eyeful.

I was just getting into the swing of stroking when Susan just walked into my room without knocking and closed the door behind her. I quickly dropped my shirt into my crotch and tried to act like everything was normal.

'What were you looking at in there,' she demanded followed by, 'What are you doing now?'

'Nothing,' I lied.

She shocked me by reaching down and snatching my shirt away from my crotch revealing my now starting to shrivel hard on. 'I know what you are doing. I know all boys like to jack off and I'll bet that is what you are doing,' she said.

Then, as she took in the sight of my cock semi erect, there was silence from both of us. I was too embarrassed to react and she was engrossed in seeing her first real, sort of hard, dick.

Without saying a thing she positioned herself right in front of me with her butt against the desk.

Then she pulled down her panties giving me a full on view of her pussy covered in black curly hair. Of course I really could not see the actual pussy but this was a major view that I had only dreamed about.

'Go ahead and look,' she said. 'I know boys like to look at this and I've always wanted to see what your cock looks like. I've heard they get big but that's big!'

After a few seconds the shock wore off and I realized what was happening. I shifted my seat and my cock started to grow again. It quickly grew rock hard and felt like it was going to burst

'Go ahead and do it. I want to see what you do that I hear you doing at night,' she said.

'OK,' I replied. 'But I want to see what you look like too.'

She moved over to the bed, bent over and pulled the panties fully off and then sat down and spread her legs. There wasn't a moment of hesitation or embarrassment in her movements.

I had a full on eyeful. Her hair perfectly framed her cunt. The black hair on her mound was plentiful and blended down the sides and finally ended below her cunt. Her cunt was fleshy and appeared wet right in the middle.

I began to stroke my cock and turned to face her. As I stroked she lightly ran her hands down the insides of her legs and back up to her stomach. As she passed the cunt area it would spread slightly and a little wet pink would show. As she caressed herself she got closer and closer to her cunt. Finally she began to slide her finger up and down her slit, letting the finger sink in to her hole while the folds of her skin lapped around only to pull apart as she slid farther up or down. Finally she sank her middle finger right into her hole and began to move it in and out causing wet, sloppy sounds. The wet from inside her coated her finger and began to spread around the lips of her pussy, matting the framing hair.

I had never seen this in the flesh, only in anatomy books. And the anatomy books did not include the squishy sounds or the woman scent. This was much more stimulating than the drawings in the books because when I did that it took me 5 to 10 minutes to cum. Now I was feeling the familiar rise of sperm from by balls to my dick in only a few seconds.

Very quickly I knew I was going to cum and as that primal sensation rose through my dick I frantically looked for something to shoot in. I grabbed her panties and started to shoot stream after stream of hot spunk into them.

She rose up off the bed to watch and was very intent in what was going on. When I was finished I was breathless and clearly spent. I had never had such an intense orgasm.

She took the panties out of my hand and examined the pool of cum. 'Look, you got it right on the crotch.' Then, without hesitation she stuck her tongue out and licked a little. 'I've wondered what this tastes like. Girls talk about this and it tastes warm and different.'

'Here, taste this.' And she extended the hand that had been inside her pussy. I smelled and licked the juicy coating from her finger. The taste was indescribable, but the best I can do is say it was slightly tangy with a compelling sweetness and the scent made me want more.

Then she bent over and put on the panties. As she pulled them up she patted the crotch area. Giving me a smile she said, 'Sure feels warm and mushy.'

Up to this point I was still in a form of shock. Susan had always been a little forward and candid but this was the first time we had shared bodily functions so openly. I am a little more reticent and really did not know what to say. My dick however knew and just kept hard, almost like waiting for the second act.

But then we heard our parent's car pull into the garage. Susan walked out of the room and as she did so she smiled at me and said, 'Don't say a word about this.' And with that she closed the door to leave me with my eyeful fantasy remaining in my hand and in my mind.

We played other masturbation games over the next six months. I'll write more later.



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