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Step-Dad and Me

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Hi! My name is Crystal, I'm 20 and I love this site. Right now I'm sitting naked at Joe's computer and he's on the bed watching some porn and jerking off. Back in August, Joe, who is my step-dad (he and mom split up a few years ago), wrote a story about what happened with my friend Amber and me when we came home to watch a movie one night. It was a real fun time and it changed the way I think about a lot of stuff. Now I sleep naked all the time and hang around the house in just a thong or often naked. I even shaved my pussy completely. I love how soft it feels without hair on it.

I remember seeing Joe naked since I was about six. I used to stare at his penis and wondered that it was so much bigger than my brother Bobby's and had all this hair all over it. Kind of like mom had all this hair all over her vagina. It makes sense now, but it didn't then. Back then, I used those words because that was the proper thing to call those private parts. Anyway, Joe thought that all those years I never saw him with a woody. I finally had to confess that I had seen it hard and had actually watched him jerk off many times. When Amber made the remark about seeing him with a hard-on it was because I was always telling her about seeing Joe naked around the house and not seeing him with a hard-on for such a long time.

When I was about 13, a friend had showed me how to jill myself and I ended up talking to mom about it one day after school. She told me to go upstairs and get undressed and join her in her bedroom. I came down and mom was naked on the bed with a make-up mirror that magnified on one side. She told me to lay on my back and to hold my pussy lips apart. She pointed out my clit and showed me how to rub it and make it feel good. She stuck a finger in me and pointed out my g-spot. Then she placed my hand on her pussy and let me feel her clit as it got bigger. After that, we jilled together often, sometimes just doing ourselves and sometimes each other.

When I was around 15, I asked her about boy's privates and how they jacked off. She explained as best she could and told me she would ask Joe if he would let me join him and mom one night just to watch what they did. I guess he really went off on her about that, because mom said it wouldn't happen. But, she said that if he was going to be such a jerk about it she would get him in bed that night and would leave the connecting door from the bathroom open and that I could sneak in and watch them. She told me to be real quiet and not make any noise if I got myself off. Anyway, I got to see Joe jerk off with mom and I also got to see them fuck.

As mom slid down on his cock (wow was that thing big) she was facing me, and gave me a wink. I was rubbing my clit and sticking a finger in my pussy the whole time and lost count of the number of times I came. I had a wash cloth stuck in my mouth so I wouldn't make any noise and I just rolled my eyes at her. It was so hot being naked and watching them do that stuff. Mom did that for me a lot and I would think about it at night as I jilled myself off in bed. Mom even let me have one of her dildos so I would know what a cock felt like inside me. It was really cool and even had balls on it. She also used it to show me how to jerk off a boy the right way without hurting him. Mom told me that guys have a woody when they get up in the morning so she would leave her bedroom door open every morning. From where I sat eating breakfast, I could look down the hall and see Joe get out of bed and stretch with his cock pointing straight up in the air. It was awesome. Guess mom turned me into a voyeur. I get really hot watching other people.

Joe really freaked when I told him all this stuff but I told him to think of it as a good learning experience for me. No one was hurt and I didn't have to go out and learn for myself. I said that I had learned to be comfortable with my sexuality and that I felt really hot by being so nasty when I was younger. Mom's laid back attitude toward sex had taught me to enjoy myself without being promiscuous. We talked about first times doing it with someone else and that was really hot.

Writing all this stuff is making my pussy start to leak (I've been rubbing it once in a while). Time to join him and take over his jerking before he cums. Then he can jill me till I get off and them spend the night together. I just love sleeping in the spoon position and the feel of his soft cock pressed against my ass. Let me know if you like this cuz there's lots more to tell.



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