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Step by Step Jilling Request

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A little while back Niki did a step by step jerking request for the boys. Since then there has been much talk about a female version. I was hoping someone else would do one so I could masturbate under her/his control. since no one else has done it, I am going to attempt one. Here go's

I, like Niki did before, must insist that you agree to do exactly as I tell you. If you can not or will not commit to follow my instructions to the letter, please close my story and move on.

Agreed? Great! Let's go.


First of all. This is not meant to be done as fast as you can read the story. Read my instructions, then do them. Enjoy yourself. take your time. I'll be masturbating along with you. I expect this will take you at least an hour. A dear friend of mine once told me that my orgasm is my responsibility. What she meant was I needed to discover what feels good to me, what makes me cum. It's unrealistic to expect my lover, male or female, to instinctively know what I need or want. I/we need to invest the time to explore our bodies and desires to discover what turns us on and gives us amazing orgasms.

Lets begin. First I want you to gather a few supplies. A hand mirror. Your vibrator and or a dildo. If you use a brush handle, an electric toothbrush or a carrot, whatever you like to use to stimulate your clit or push into your pussy. Also some baby wipes or a wet washcloth with a little soap on it. When I'm planning a great jilling session, I take a shower or even better yet, a hot bubble bath. If you haven't just bathed go do so. While in there shave your legs and arm pits. If you shave your pussy, shave it too. You know how good a cleanly shaved pussy feels. If you don't shave your pussy but you've been thinking about it. Now might be a fun time to start. If you do you'll need to use shaving cream, go slow, shave in the direction of the hair growth and keep doing it on a daily basis for at least a couple of weeks to get your body used to it. I love the feeling of my shaved pussy.

Once you're all squeaky clean, find a warm comfortable place where you won't be disturbed. Bring your supplies with you and get comfortable. Get out your mirror. kneel down and spread your legs. Position your mirror so you can see your pussy and your bum hole. We're not masturbating yet, we're just looking and touching. Are your lips spread wide enough so that you can see your inner labia? Spread your lips and look at your clit. Notice its color, its size. Look at and feel your inner labia. Notice shape, size and color. Spread your lips wider and look into your vagina. Look at and touch the inner parts of you pussy. And finally look at your ass hole. What color is it? Is it hairy or not. Touch it. Slide your finger around your bum hole. Feels nice doesn't it? When you're done move to the next step. Lay down on your back. Spread your legs in a comfortable position. I like one leg straight and one bent but both spread wide and laying on the bed. Niki say's "Love your body".

Tent your fingers and lightly begin to slide them over your whole body.Start with your face, eyes, nose, cheeks mouth, chest, boobs, abdomen, thighs, calves, feet. roll over and touch your bum and anus. Back on you back, slide your fingers over your vulva. Don't start masturbating just yet, we're just touching skin now.Take your time if you find a place that feels extra good, give it extra attention. Enjoy I'm guessing most if not all of you are getting quite wet by now, your clitorises swollen and calling for for attention and stimulation. That's good. With your less dominant hand reach up and begin playing with your nipples. Fondle, caress, lightly pinch, massage. If your boobs are big enough lift your nipple to your mouth and lick it and then suck it. Close your eyes and see your nipple in your mouth. Embrace the sensation. If your boobs are to small to get your nipple to your mouth, like mine are, get your fingers wet in your mouth and play with your nipples. Picture a lover suckling your sweet nipples. One and then the other.

With your other hand, using one finger, lightly begin sliding your finger up and down you outer labia. down one side, up the other. Again close your eyes and enjoy the sensations. Are you feeling your finger slipping through your pubic hair or is it skin on skin? Enjoy Now, Finally, with that first finger, find the crevice of your pussy, isn't that a wonderful word? Pussy. Lightly, just barely touching your labia, slide your finger up your slit and find your clit. Circle it, tease it. don't rush this, savor it. Now back down your slit repeat a few times. I know you're dripping wet now. Slip two fingers into your pussy and get them very wet. make your way back to your engorged clitoris. With just a little more pressure this time I want you to rub your little jelly bean. Rub it. You've been teasing your clit for quite some time now. Give your clit the attention it craves. Slide your fingers up the sides of your clitoris hood. Stroke it like it was a little penis. Cum if you want. We're women, unlike men we can cum again and again. Love your body. Did you orgasm? Good for you.

Now I want you to slide your fingers down and into your pussy. Reach for your G spot and stroke it. Don't know where it is? Its just behind your pubic bone, one to three inches in. It feels kinda spongy. If you think you've found it, but rubbing it makes you feel like you need to pee, You've found it. Keep rubbing it. Take the time to taste your juices. The need to pee feeling will pass and hopefully you'll have a new way to orgasm. Keep sliding your fingers in and out. Take the time to taste your juices. Pull your fingers out of your pussy (don't whine, it's just for a second) and slip them into your mouth. Did you like it? I did. OK put them back into your pussy. With your other hand give your clit some more love. This is where you may get out your toys. I'm starting with a 9 inch glass dildo. it is fairly thin, bent and has a knob on the end of it. I'm sliding it in and nearly out of my pussy, twisting it as I do. AAAAAAAAAHHH It feels so good.

I have a very large wet spot growing under my bum. MMMMMMMM I've just cum a second time since starting with you today. Now I've rolled over onto my knees, my head is on the mattress looking down at my pussy. With the tip of my vibrator in my right hand I'm touching my ass hole, with the fingers of my left hand I'm playing with my clit. Oh god, soooooo goooood. Now I'm slipping the tip of my vibe into my anus. It's very wet with my pussy juice so it slips in very easily. oooooooohhhh. In and out, in and out. I'm cumming again. After cumming I pull the vibe out of my bum, clean it with my baby wipes I had ready, and now I'm alternating using it on my clit and slipping it in and out of my pussy.

Enjoy After cumming again, I'm finally sated. I'm done, but you may continue to play as long as you like. I've very much enjoyed dictating your masturbation this morning. I hope you've enjoyed cumming with me. Just a few more thoughts. I'd love to be your friend, send me a request. Also I asked many questions as we played together. It would be fun to get your answers. I'd especially love to read descriptions of your pussies or better yet, you could send me a pic. Until we speak again, keep masturbating, as will I Cami PS I know you boys read this too. I want to hear from you as well and I want to see your cocks



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