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Step by Step Jerking Request

Posted by: Author: Age: 30 Posted on: 11 comments
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Odd category from a female reader isn't it? That's because if you are going to read this you will promise to jerk off exactly how I tell you to when you read the following. If you don't agree to do exactly what I write below then please stop reading now. If you agree then soon you will be enjoying a nice orgasm thanks to me. Are you ready? No straying from the script! You must do exactly what I write. Oh, and by the way toward the end when I tell you that you can cum, I'll be having my own orgasm with you. Let's begin.


First you must be totally nude. Not one bit of clothing is allowed, so get naked now.

You will be starting off jerking without lube so no lubing your cock yet. You need to get some lube ready though. If you don't have any, go get something now so you'll be ready. Oil from the kitchen, hand lotion, anything that will make your cock nice and slippery. Then come right back.

Now, no touching that cock yet. Sit nice and tall for me.

I want you to think about my naked body. I'm nude right now. My body is beautiful. I'd love you to see it. Lean, slim and sporty and I keep it nice for me to enjoy and for the pleasure of others to see. I enjoy showing off my body. My pussy is shaven daily. I love the smooth feeling of my skin with nothing to cover me. NO JERKING YET!

Is your cock growing? I need it big and hard so you can jerk off for me.

Do you like long hard nipples? You should see mine. They're very long and hard. I'm pulling my nipples out as far as they can go. They look nice pressed through a blouse or t-shirt. I don't like to go braless too often because my boobs are very firm and I want them to stay that way. When I do, there is always a purpose. I will be showing my nipples off to someone.

Is your cock growing yet? I think we need to make it just a bit harder. Are you ready to begin your lesson? Are you sitting up straight? OK. Let's begin your step by step lesson to jerk off your cock.

No lube allowed at this point. Take your first finger and thumb and make a circle around your cock just below the head. That's it, now begin. Slowly.... very slowly...up....down....up....down... that's it. Slowly move that foreskin up and down. I don't want you to go any faster than once up or down per second. You'll have to count it out just to get the rhythm. One Mississippi.....two Mississippi..... three Mississippi..... that's it you get it. Your cock should be wanting more but you're not allowed to go any faster yet. Just keep that pace.

You want to go faster don't you? Not yet. Keep rolling that foreskin up and down for me. Yah, just like that.

If at any time you feel you're going to cum you must stop! You are not allowed to cum until I tell you to. We're going to cum together.

Keep it up while I get ready to stimulate my engorged clitoris. I'll be seconds.

I've turned my chair backward like I often do and put a pillow on the chair. I just slid my toy into my wet pussy. It's called a rabbit and it has a cock like part to slide inside and a tongue like part that sends light to hard vibrations to my clitoris. I press against the pillow to keep it in place then I can lift my body up and down and ride it like a real cock.

Keep rolling that foreskin up and down. Up....down.....up....down.... keep it nice and hard. I'll guide you to a nice hard cum real soon.

I love real cocks but this thing gives my orgasms that go on forever! I can cum as many times as I like over and over. I'm multi orgasmic and the vibrations on my clit feel so wonderful! I don't have to turn it on high ever. If I do the orgasms are so fast and hard that it blows my mind! I do like the slow long orgasms. They're my favorite. Maybe this time I'll turn it on high toward the end just for you then I'll describe how it felt as soon as I am able to stop convulsing from the orgasms.

It's time to stop jerking dry. I want you to coat your big cock with the lube you have ready. Go ahead and do it now but no real jerking, just lube it up well.

Yes, that's nice isn't it. A nice slippery cock.

Ready? Start moving your hand SLOWLY up and down that long slippery shaft for me. Yah, that's the way to do it. Keep going slow just like before. Up and down. Count it out if you must but go slow.

Now while you're slowly stroking your big cock I'm going to flick the on switch so my toy tickles my clitoris and at the same time massages my g-spot on the inside.

Oh yah... this feels real good...it won't take long for me to cum. You can't yet.

Mmmmm, I'm riding the toy. I can see the lean muscles in my legs flexing each time I go up and down. I'm looking down between my firm breasts and I see my tight tummy rolling back and forth.

I'm going to play for a moment while you keep stroking your big cock for me. Soon you can cum. First your going to read all about my orgasm that will be here very soon.

I can feel it coming on. Wait. I'm going to cum in about 30 seconds..................................................................................................................................................................................

Wow, that felt so fantastic. The first one is always so nice because I know I'm going to have so many more. I held the back of the chair and rolled my hips forward and back while my butt was lifted just slightly off the chair. I came so nice. Oh it was good. The orgasm lasted about 30 seconds and I rode it to the end. Soon I'll be having more but now we need to give you a good cum. Are you ready?

OK you can go faster now. Yes go faster. You should be able to hear the sloshing noise of your hand going up and down your cock. Keep going and as soon as you feel that approaching orgasm slow down.

I want you to think of me now. Nude and getting on my knees down in front of you. I'm ready for your warm sperm. Think of me with my mouth open for you to squirt all your warm sperm inside. I love the taste of warm sperm to swallow.

No coming yet! Keep going..... that's it. No too fast but not too slow. Keep going.... Now when you get close begin the countdown but no counting until you feel it coming on. Get ready then read below when it's coming......

It must be coming.....nine, eight, seven, six, five...slow down, four, three, two...

OK LET THAT CUM FLY FOR ME!!!!!!! MMMMMMM YES LOTS OF CUM!!!!!! YAH THAT'S IT KEEP PUMPING YOUR COCK......PUMP IT FOR ME.....MMMM NICE CUM.....KEEP STROKING UP & DOWN YOUR COCK......LOOK AT THAT CUM!!!.... NICE HOT CUM!! KEEP STROKING FOR ME.... YOU'RE ALMOST DONE!!!! slower........... now.....slow..........slow.......slow....ok, just rest.....doesn't that feel good? Look at all that nice cum. Just leave it for now & sit back and enjoy the peaceful afterglow of your orgasm....yah that's it. Rest...take a deep breath..now let it out. I'm dipping my fingers into my wet pussy....then I'm going to lick them clean......

That tasted so nice. I love my pussy juice. It tastes a bit like semen. I think you should know what it tastes like. If you have never done it before now is the time. I want you to taste your semen....... that's right and you agreed to do it just as I've asked. I've swallowed so much semen before. It's great. Go ahead, it's right there. Are you ready? Get ready, then on three.

One...... Two..... get ready and think of how much cum I have swallowed....OK...THREE! DO it! Yah that's it...lick that semen into your mouth....now take another lick....Tastes nice doesn't it? Swallow it down. Go ahead. See, that wasn't so bad now was it.

Wasn't that fun? I love masturbating so much. Is there anything better than enjoying your body this much? No there isn't.

I hope you had fun. I know I did and now I'm going to have multiple orgasms thinking about everyone who was kind enough to go through my jerking off guidance right to the end.

Let me know if you enjoyed this and if you went all the way to the end. You can always come back again.




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