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Step Brothers

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My step brother and I masturbate each other for the first time. Not a good writer so I say sorry in advance.


When I was 14, I was pretty well developed. I was about 6.5 inches hard and uncircumsized and I liked to keep my pubes trimmed. I would masturbate a minimum of twice a day and would at least cum about 7 thick ropes of cum every time.

My step brother also shared a room with me as we lived in a small two bedroom house. As we shared a room not a day went by where we saw each other naked and I must admit that I had thing for his dick. He was 5 inches hard and also uncircumcised and he had no pubes.

He had never masturbated before as I found out but things changed that Saturday morning. Our parents came in and woke us around 6am to let us know they were going to work. Once they left we both fell back asleep. It was around 10 am if I remember correctly when I woke up and about 10 minutes later my step brother awoke too.

He got up out of bed and for the first time or the first time I'd noticed he had one very hard dick tenting in his pants. I thought he had either had a very good wet dream or he just needed to pee. He left the room and went to the toilet and when he came back to our room his dick was still hard.

I said to him that it looked like he need to jack off but he just looked at me strangely and asked what are you talking about. I'm like you know jack off, it was then I realised he had never masturbated before. His dick was still looking pretty hard under his pants and I must admit I was really hard by now. I told him showing him with a hand action that if you do that to your dick long enough you would feel really good.

Still confused I said here let me show you. Take off your pants and lay on your bed. He didn't hesitate and did what I told him. I got out of bed and that's when he saw my dick poking out from under my pants. I was excited now cause I had always wanted to touch his dick and see how good it felt in my hands.

I sat beside him on his bed and reached over and wrapped my hand around his dick. Wow it felt so smooth like mine but smoother and it just felt awesome. I started by pulling his foreskin all the way down revealing its slick head. He had a little pre cum leaking out. I then glided my hand back up covering his dicks head. I then began to pick up the pace and really work him. I looked at his face and his eyes were closed and he was moaning a little bit.

It only took my about two minutes before he said he needed to pee, I told him he didn't and just relax. Within 30 seconds I gave my step brother his very first orgasm. His body tensed up and I could feel the pulse in his dick, he lifted his bum off the bed when two ropes of pure white cum shot out of his dick like missiles than some just oozed out over my hand.

I held his dick until he was soft and recovered. I asked him how he felt and he said awesome thanks bro, that was the best feeling ever and I can't wait to do it again. I smiled at him and he asked me if he could do that to me and I said sure. I went and lay on my bed, lifted my bum up and took off my boxer shorts. Now my step bro has never seen me hard so when he saw it he was like dude that's huge as he wrapped his hand around my dick just like I did to his.

I told him just to do everything I did and he did. I was leaking out what looked like tons of pre cum and with his hand around my dick it only took me 30 seconds to shoot seven ropes of cum all over my tummy and chest. He was shocked at the amount but just smiled at him and I said thanks.

We just sat there and I explain to him everything that just happened. About an hour after talking with cum still over the both of us we went for a shower to clean up but we just couldn't help but jack each other off again.

This was the start of our masturbation sessions, every afternoon after school and every night before bed we would jack each other off.



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