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I could not make this up if I tried


This happened very recently to me. I joined a new gym in my area and have been loving every second of it. As of recently I have cum to enjoy it even more.(pardon the pun) the other day I went for a late work out on a Sunday evening. It was nice, little staff and a hand full of patrons. I had completed my workout and was feeling sore from the week as well. I decided that maybe some time in the sauna would do me some good.

I went to the locker room and grabbed a towel on my way to my locker. I peeled my sweaty underarmour from my body and the cool air of the locker room began to excite me. I removed my shorts and jockstrap. After freeing my cock and balls from the jockstrap the fresh air immediately began to make me grow to a nice semi hard state. I noticed the guy near me looking me over, honestly gave me a confidence booster. I used to be a fat guy but have since worked myself into a fit muscular body over the past four years.

I took my towel to the shower and cooled down, they ask patrons to shower before using the sauna or the steam room. As a new member I figured I ought to respect this. They also ask patrons to wear a bathing suit in the sauna or steam room as they are shared by men and women. After the shower I threw on a pair of board shorts I had with me grabbed a fresh towel and walked to the sauna. The dry heat was exquisite. I was still semi hard from the lockeroom and decided since it was late and almost no one was around, that I would touch myself while in the sauna. It was great as I rubbed myself through my board shorts to a full erection pressing against my suit begging release.

I had been fantasizing about this one girl at the gym that night who's ass looked fantastic in those spandex yoga pants. The dry heat got the best of me and I decided I would try the steam room. I stepped into the steam room and was blown away by how the steam enveloped my half naked body. I sat down at the back right corner as another gentlemen was on the left. I was completely relaxed at this point. Except for my erection, thank god I grabbed a towel to hide it with.

I again began to fantasize about the womans tight body as I lounged in the steam room. The older gent left leaving me alone. The steam was so thick one could not see with any detail the other side of the room so I decided I would be safe in loosening my shorts and sliding my hand down to my fully engorged cock. I was too nervous to pull my seven inch cock from my shorts for fear I would be caught. Regardless stroking my cock was fantastic and I began to forget where I was when I heard the door open.

I looked up and could tell it was a female but nothing more. I slyly slid my hand out from my shorts. The woman was very friendly as she entered introducing herself as Jen. She immediately apologized to me saying she had forgotten her bathing suit and hoped I was not offended by her in her underwear. I told her I was the same in my opinion. She chuckled and sat down with a towel around her waist. As we continued to talk I began to get excited again. I was rock hard and slid my hand to my thigh and pretended to massage my thigh in case she could see.

We talked more and she asked if I would mind working out a kink in her shoulder. As a gentleman how could I say no. I walked over to her and sat down. I momentarily forgot about the bulge in my suit. She smiled as I got over to her. It turned out Jen was in fact the woman I had seen earlier that night. She was about 5'9' tight fit core.

As I massaged her shoulder I could see her cup size was a pert 32D, I could only imagine her naked. We talked further after I stopped rubbing her shoulder. I could not stop checking her out and she quickly realized I was staring at her body. She asked if I liked what I saw. Caught red handed I told her she had a fantastic body and see she took her workouts seriously. I further admitted to her that I had been checking her out during my own workout. I mentioned how I thought her glutes and legs looked fantastic.

She then surprised me and asked if I'd like to see them up close. I was hesitant and asked what if we get caught. To Wichita she replied that she was in fact the gym owner taking it over from her uncle. She further informed me that I was the last male patron and the rest of her staff had left. How could I say no at this point and welcomed a view of her legs. She stood up and removed her towel. Revealing a tiny pair of those Victoria secret cheeky hip huggers. Her ass was basically hanging out their. I could do nothing but stare and compliment her and strain not to just rip my shorts off and stroke my cock. She said thank you for all the compliments and said it was a major confidence booster as she had been a fat kid through highschool as well.

She also complimented me and asked if I would stand up and give her a proper view of my muscular frame. I was happy to oblige completely forgetting the rod in my shorts. I sat back down and the first words out of her mouth were that I must have really enjoyed staring at her body. I profusely apologized and she said not to worry that she took it as a compliment.

At this point her hand had migrated to my knee. She looked me dead in the eye and said she was dying to get a look at my cock. I instantly stood up and dropped my shorts to the ground. She let out a short gasp as my cock sprung to attention. As I sat back down completely nude I asked if she too might remove her underwear. She wasted no time removing her bra. Her nipples were absolutely perfect, I had to caress them and asked if she minded. She said no and they were the firmest perkiest tits I have ever felt. My cock was aching at this point.

Jen stood up and turned around, her ass basically in my face she slowly slid her sexy underwear down her ass bending over as she pushed them down her legs. I got a wonderful view of her pussy. She turned around and said. 'well what do you think' She had the tiniest of landing strips. All I could think to say was how sexy she was and that I had been fantasizing about her while in the sauna earlier. She sat down next to me and without asking grabbed my throbbing cock. I slid my hand to her dripping pussy and played with her clit as she expertly stroked my cock.

She whispered in my ear 'finger my tight pussy' I slipped one finger in then a second. I began to finger her pussy as if I was fucking it. She began to moan with pleasure and stroked my dick with more fervour. I was oozing pre cum. I fingered her to a body shaking orgasm. I could barely contain myself and as she stroked my cock I came all over the two of us. Come on my chest and her arms and both our legs. I was completely spent. We walked out of the steam room completely naked and showered together in the mens locker room. I can only hope this leads to more things in the future. Best gym experience ever.



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