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Steamroom Fun

Posted by: Age: 18 Posted on: 1 comments
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I've always wanted something like this to happen to me but never thought it would!


Sorry about the length of the story but not being able to tell anyone this story is killing me. Let me start off by telling you a little bit about myself. I'm 18, a senior in high school and a swimmer. When it comes to hooking up, guys and girls both physically attract me, but I only seem to fall for girls, so I guess that makes me bi. I've jacked off with a few friends but nothing else has really happened.

So I bought new sneakers and decided to go to the gym that I lifeguard at to workout. I just finished running and some lifting and decided to hit up the steam room in the mens locker room. Since I get boners really easily, I changed into my jammer before going in the steamroom, instead of going naked like some guys. So anyway I walk in and theres 3 other guys, one naked who leaves as soon as I walk in. That leaves me, and two other guys. Soon a second guy leaves leaving me and this one guy alone.

I'd guess he's in his late 30s or early 40s, he looked latino, and he was moderately built. He was wearing boxer briefs and I was wearing my jammer from swimming. Naturally, being 18 and a natural horn dog, I got a boner. We were sitting next to eachother, and when my cock gave a little twitch I noticed him give me a quick glance. I wasn't sure if he noticed, so I kind of spread my legs a little bit, stretching them off, leaving my boner visible under the spandex material.

I notice him look again, so I glance over to his package to see if he was hard, or just staring at me out of disgust, getting a boner in the locker room. But I could tell he was either really big soft or he was semi, which seemed more the case. So I decided to go with it, and put my hands to my crotch and adjust my boner. The next time I look over, he's got a boner clearly visible in his tight boxer briefs! He started to rub the tip a little bit, and then caught me staring, and so I reciprocated and started rubbing my cock through my suit. Now I wouldnt consider myself big, at about 7' cut, but this guy looked like it was huge!

So he moves over opposite me so that we can see eachother stroking through our bottoms, and then he leaves the steamroom. I figured he was wanting me to follow him, as I heard a shower turn on. I waited a few seconds and left the steamroom, and decided to take the shower right across from him. There's normally curtains on the shower stalls, but they were in the wash so none of them were on. The man looked surprised I followed him, and proceeded to whip out his cock in his stall. It was massive, probably around 8.5-9' and it was really thick and veiny. He started stroking and so I let my 7' boner out and started stroking too. It was so hot watching the other jack off under the shower, seeing his big balls slap against his thighs, wow.

Unfortunately just when I was about to cum, he put his cock back in his shorts, signaling someone was coming, as he had a view of the doorway to the shower room. I left when two guys came in, and we kept glancing at eachother when we were getting dressed. I hope he's there again next week, I want this to happen again. Maybe there will be curtains on the stalls this time so we can do a little more...



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