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Steam Room Sauna

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Since my experiences in the swimming pool, I've been doing a lot of thinking. And the more I think about it, the madder I get with my mum.

All this hyper-religious bullcrap is driving me nuts! Since (literally) my first taste of sperm and a good hard cock, I have found myself in a world of horniness. OK, I get it. I could get pregnant, well, not really. Despite what mum says I went on the Pill.


So since the pool, I got to thinking about the buzz of masturbating in public or semi-public places. I went to my local leisure centre for a sauna/sunbed. In the sunbed, I decided to go naked. Yes, I know some of these places spy on their customers, that was kinda the point. I looked around for cameras, but didn't find any. There was a hole in the end of the cover of the sunbed and I wondered if someone had drilled it to install a little camera. I didn't care. That was what I wanted.

I stripped, switched it on, and lay down, closing the lid over me. I wondered how many other girls had laid there naked. Then I spread my legs. I gave myself a little touch and got that electric shock feeling when my clit realises its play time. It felt pretty hot, but it didn't give me the buzz I was looking for.

So I let my time run out and dressed. I was pretty wet though. Then over to the sauna/steam room. They are next to each other with communal showers outside. They are also mixed gender. So, into the sauna. OMG... but it was hotter than I thought in there! There was a woman about 30 laying on her tummy, with her bikini undone, sweating freely. Her legs were slightly parted, and there was a large dark stain there. Whether through sweat or arousal, I don't know. I stuck it for about 15 minutes and then went into the steam room. It was my first time ever in a steam room, and I knew the instant the door shut behind me what I was going to do. I settled right in the corner and the steam soon enveloped me. I couldn't see across the room! That meant, no-one could see me! I stuck a hand into my bikini bottoms. DAMN, but I was wet! I started fingering myself and knew I was going to be able to cum in there.

As I mentioned last time, I am a messy cummer, and hell, no-one could see, so I slipped my bikini bottoms down and then off. I spread my legs and really got going. A finger deep in me and pressing on my g-spot. I love that need to pee/need to cum feeling. Then I slipped my bikini strap off one side and let my right breast out to play too!

THEN I heard the sodding door go. The steam moved a little, but not too much, and, from the waft of perfumed oil, I knew it was the woman from the sauna, although I couldn't see her and she couldn't see me. I stopped for a moment until I knew where she was going to sit. It went quiet, and I went back to work. I hadn't covered up, and wouldn't have, even if she had have seen me. I was very VERY close, more-so since someone else was in the room. I turned my attention to myself. I have learned I like my nipple pinched hard, and was rewarded by a squish of pre-orgasmic wetness.

So, let my mind wander. I like to just let go when I get near to cumming. I heard a sigh from the other end of the room. Was she playing with herself too? Hell, that would be hot!

By now, that feeling of going to wet myself was intense and the orgasm was only seconds away. I pressed as hard as I could on my g-spot, adding another finger to get the real feeling and then, Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I came hard! Liquid gushed from between my legs in a series of squirts. Girl cum? Pee? I didn't give a shit. I just let it wash over and out of me until it subsided.

Then, I just sat there, bikini bottoms on the floor, right tit out, looking like a whore and loving it!

I was getting dressed, but the room did smell of girl cum. I gathered up my towel and then walked to the door.

Later that night I wondered. Did the other woman masturbate? What would I have done if she had wanted to masturbate me, or asked me to touch her? What if a guy had walked in? Would I have stopped?

Well, a week later, there was another experience in that steam room, with someone of my own age!



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