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Staying With My Aunt

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The category says stories, but this stuff went down. I was about 15 or 16, and was really close to my cousins, like brothers. I would stay with them for a month at a time.

My uncle was constantly traveling for business, and I just tried to live like they lived, which was not as strict of a house that I lived in. There was a boys-will-be-boys mentality at my Aunt's, and that was cool with me. When we hung around at the house, we could just chill in our boxers, and we were innocent and did not really think anything of it.

I always was an early riser, so I would wake up early and play video games in my underwear while everyone else slept. Well, except my Aunt. I would be zoned in on the video games, while she would ask me silly questions like if I was dating anybody, if I smoked cigs, weed, etc. We ended pretty close, and I could talk to her about lots of stuff.

Well, one morning in that particular summer, I had woken up before everyone and really had to use the bathroom. The bathroom that connected to my Aunt's room was the closest to the room I stayed in, so I decided to use it. Big mistake. I opened the door to the bathroom and my Aunt was showering. She asked if it was my cousin, and I responded it was me, and I was sorry. She told me it was no big deal, I couldn't see her anyway through the opaque shower curtain, but why did I not use the other bathroom? I couldn't think of anything else but telling her my cousin had woken up to go pee, so I couldn't get in the bathroom. She told me to do my business then, she didn't mind. I was standing in front of the toilet, and kind of felt weird about it, which was making me have a hard time peeing. I still had half of a morning erection, and was holding my penis in my hand trying my best to hurry and pee so I could get out of there. While I am trying to focus on urinating, my Aunt peeks from around the shower curtain and says, 'shaking it more than three times is playing with it!' I jumped as she did this quick to scare me, and stood confused for a second. Needless to say this motivated me to pee really quick and go. I did, and went to play video games. I couldn't stop my mind from all the thoughts swirling around in my head. I thought, 'I wonder if she saw my penis?' I wonder if she wanted to see my penis? Maybe she didn't even think like I think? I tried to focus on the video game, as I heard my aunt get out of the shower. I acted like nothing happened, but could feel my face blushing. She walked into the living room in a short bathrobe with a towel around her head, and I guess noticed I was embarrassed. She said, 'You must have had to pee really bad because your weenie looked awfully full!' I kinda looked up at her, and did not know what to say. I knew I was blushing hard and could feel my member start to stiffen. My Aunt smiles, and walks over to me, and sort of leans down to whisper to me. I could totally see right down her robe, but tried so hard not to stare. She said to me, 'You don't have to be embarrassed, I have seen a dick before. You are midway through your teens, I am sure you know a little about the birds and bees.' I really didn't! I lived in a strict household, and my parents had never given me a talk. My aunt says, 'Besides, for your age, you really have nothing to be embarrassed of!'

I look up from my game, first down the robe again as most guys would, then to her as she is looking at me like she wants a response. I told her I didn't know much about all that stuff. She wasn't satisfied with that answer and asked me if I had kissed a girl before or seen a set of boobies, or anything else? Well, I had seen her boobs just now but wasn't going to say that. I told her no, she giggled, and said 'this is fun, you are so embarrassed!' I went back to playing my videogame, trying to adjust so my hardon wasn't obvious as she sat down next to me. She let me play for a little while as she just sat there. I could not get rid of my boner! My aunt finally ended her silence and said, 'let me see how much hair you have!' I was shocked as hell! I couldn't even believe that she just asked that. She said, 'oh cmon you are being silly, I just saw it anyway.' I kinda went to my boxers to pull down the top to show her my pubic region, getting overly excited, but was confused. As I leaned back so she could see, she grabbed my boxers and yanked them down. I had a raging hard on and it flopped towards my chest! She said, 'Stop being such a scaredy cat Josh, jeez. Its not that big of a deal, wow!' I didn't know what to do, I was excited, scared, horny, uneducated. My aunt told me 'you have a really big dick!' I stuffed in back in my pants really quick, and she laughed and said, 'oh don't worry, I won't tell anyone that you have a huge penis!' She went to pat my leg as she was getting up but I jerked and her hand met my crotch giving her a palmfull. I was about to go over the edge at this point, oh wait, nevermind, I did. I shot a load right out of the bottom of my boxers and my Aunt thought it was hilarious. She gave me the towel off of her head and said she was so sorry! I didn't believe her, but didn't mind either I don't guess. Was an experience for sure, and she 'walked in on me' quite a few more times.



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