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Staying after School

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Ever since about eighth grade, I had had this thing about masturbating in public places. Not exactly public, but NORMALLY public. As in a deserted school restroom stall or something. In ninth grade, I did this quite frequently, and since I was afraid of being caught, in tenth grade, I swore to stop doing this.

In tenth grade, I also had the best World History teacher ever. Not because she was necessarily a great teacher, but more because it gave me something to look at. 24, tight ass, beautiful face, and a substantial chest. Well during the third term, I wasn't exactly passing her class by a whole lot. She asked me to stay for extra help.

So after a few days of staying for help, I was absent a day. After that, I needed to make up a test after school. I stayed after that day, but she said she was unable to stay and help me, due to a meeting. She figured I wouldn't need her help anyway, since I had been improving.

She was supposed to be gone about twenty minutes. She wasn't gone a minute when I started day dreaming. Dreaming about doing naughty things to her. Believe me, she was ridiculously fine. Soon, I couldn't hold it in anymore. My cock was nearly bursting out of my jeans. I had time. She was going to be gone twenty minutes!

So I carefully started masturbating under the desk. Right when I was getting into it, she came in with the excuse 'Sorry, forgot my notebo-'. It was then when she noticed what I was doing. I was mortified. I had no idea what to do. Neither did she. She started grasping for what to say or do, and settled on this: 'Alright, uhh... Why don't you just clean up, and I'll figure out what to do with you.' She was a new teacher, and had no idea how to go about this. I can't blame her. I doubt even a 30 year veteran would know what to do, but then again, this would never happen to one.

So she sat down at her desk, as I fumbled to put myself away. She reached over and passed me a couple tissues. They weren't needed just yet, but I accepted them graciously. So I'm sitting there looking like I have a banana down my leg, and I look up at her. I can see right through her white shirt and bra that her nipples are already at full attention. As soon as she noticed me undressing her with my eyes, she turned beet-red, pulling her hand away from her crotch embarrassingly and looking away.

I returned it with a knowing smile and rose from my seat to join her behind her desk, which was luckily far from the view of the door. I came up on her right side, and as she opened her mouth to protest, I cut her off with a 'Shh' as I brought my arm around her left shoulder and to her crotch, causing her to gasp, and form her mouth into the shape of an O.

I grabbed the stray chair behind me with my foot and pulled it over behind me, seating myself as I opened the button on her jeans and moved my hand to the outside of her panties and rubbed her as I placed my right hand upon her right breast from her side. I always knew she liked me, but I never knew my dreams would come true.

As I fondled her breast and rubbed her panties, I started to suck on her neck, causing her voice to tremor as she lightly cried 'oh!' She reached down and pulled her jeans and panties away, at which point I let my two fingers slip inside, and she started to cry out lightly with pleasure. With all the movement going on, my unbuttoned pants had soon fallen away as well, and my cock burst forth from my fly. After a while, I had to remove my hand from her breast to let her reach over as she started working my shaft. After about half a minute (I was young), I cried out that I was ready to burst, and she leaped up and managed to catch my load in a nearby tissue, afraid to let it get on anything. She did a good job, too. When it was over, she smiled up at me, and then realized what she'd just done.

We cleaned ourselves up and got our pants back on, and worked out a story. She decided she would just say she had forgotten about the meeting altogether. As for what we did that evening, she said she wouldn't tell if I wouldn't. I think this is beyond the statute of limitations for that, though.

Oh, and I got an A on that test.



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