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Stats Class

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This is a story of what I witnessed in my statistics class...


It was the last week of high school, I didn't really have to come to any of my classes since we were all done with finals, and all we were really doing was just hanging around in class watching movies and what not. But I decided to go anyway since it was my last week of being a high schooler.

It was my last day of Stats class, thank god, and I wasn't eager to go, but like I said, I wanted to enjoy my last week of school and I wanted to spend the last few moments I had with my friends before the college life split us apart. My stats teacher wasn't there as expected, but our sub was and he pretty much gave us the liberty of doing whatever we wanted, and there weren't many options other that sitting there bored to death. Luckily, I had brought some movies for my previous class and asked him if it was ok if we watched one, he was glad I had them and said I was a life saver, after he popped in the movie he turned off the lights and the class got settled. A couple of minutes later, my friend Maggy left class to go visit a few teachers and give her last goodbyes to them, leaving me pretty much alone for a while until a few of my classmates asked if I wanted to join them in their little circle at the back of the classroom.

I wasn't all that interested in their discussion since they were big time anime fans, but at least I got to have some small talk with them instead of being a complete loner. After a while I was getting really bored with there unending chatter about anime shows and their favorite characters, and since they were borrowing my laptop, I was left with nothing to do but space out.

Within a few minutes something interrupted my day dreaming from the corner of my eye. The little group I was in weren't the only ones in the back of the class, a couple that normally sat there was also present. It was normal to see Dominic and Leslie sitting there, holding each other, kissing, or sometimes plainly making out, but today was really different and it crossed the line in my opinion.

I sat there frozen unable to move as I saw what I thought I saw, Leslie was masturbating Dominic under the desk! I couldn't believe it, at first I thought it was just a figment of my imagination, but as soon as it was clear that the crotch in Dominics shorts weren't moving up and down on their own, I was sure that what I was seeing was real. My eyes made a bee line from his crotch to Leslies arm as it continued to pump his dick in his shorts and I felt my face get hot with embarrassment even if I wasn't the one doing it.

As erotic as it may have seemed to others, I found it repulsing and I literally began to feel sick to my stomach. It has always been a problem ever since I walked in on my parents about two years earlier, I guess I've been traumatized with catching people doing the deed, apart from me of course since I usually have a high sex drive. But at that moment I felt angry, not because of what they were doing, but because I was the only one in the whole class who noticed. I didn't want to say anything to the group I was sitting with because there was a chance they'd snitch, and I'm sure Dom and Leslie would get expelled if they got caught, I didn't want to do that to them. After a few minutes passed, I looked back at them and Leslie was still pumping away, but this time Dominic's leg stretched out and shook a bit, and I could tell he just shot his load in his shorts.

I turned my gaze away again and at that moment, Sergio, the only other guy in the class went over to Dominic and began making small talk as Dom adjusted his belt back into place and talked back to Sergio as if nothing happened! He placed Leslie against him and sat her on his lap in a weird angle as he continued to talk to Sergio as I saw him slip his hand into her jeans and began slowly fingering her. In my mind I was just like what the fuck? Sergio was just a desk away and he was finger fucking his girlfriend without anyone else but me watching.

At that point I couldn't take it anymore and excused myself to go get some water before I puked my guts out in class. Once I came back in, Sergio, Dom, and Leslie were all playing cards and things got normal for the last bit of class, but the burning image of what I saw kept gnawing away in the back of my brain, and I knew then I would never be able to see Dominic and Leslie the same way again. Before class was over we all stood from our desks and chatted a bit, and since I had art class before that class I had my portfolio and a very large portrait of a drawing I did and I went to go collect it along with my bag. That's when Leslie walked over to me and asked if she could take a look, before I could say anything she touched my portrait with the hand she used to masturbate Dominic! In my mind I knew she hadn't washed her hands and I became paranoid knowing she had left some of Doms cum residue all over my art work.



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