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State Fun

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This happened when I was sixteen. I went to the state competition in FFA Quiz. We were rooming in dorms and I was with my friend James. We are both pretty well built and have never done anything sexually together before. We were in our dorm the night before our competition and I was going to take my shower. I was in there for about four minutes and I came out. I was just wrapped in a towel and I saw that James was naked looking at himself in front of a full length mirror.

He didn't have much hair on him except for around his groin and under his armpits it was really thick however and extremely dark. When he noticed me he almost jumped out of his skin as we had never seen each others penises. He went over to his bed and grabbed a towel and rushed into the bathroom. I shouted at him no big deal man I have a dick too.

I then started to plan that when he came out I would be jacking off and see what he did. So when he came out I was sitting their with my six inch circumsized dick rock hard and I was stroking up and down just real slow. He just stared at me for like five minutes and then I asked him what you don't do this when you need some relief. He replied, no, what the hell are you doing. Then it was my turn to stare. I asked him, do you know what masturbation is? He said I've heard it at school but I've never done it. I said well your about to blow your virgin load.

I grabbed the lube that I had brought with me and was using and ran over to him grabbed him and threw him on his bed. I then yanked off his towel and saw his dick for the second time. I jumped over him and straddled him. I then started to reach for his dick and he started protesting. I told him to calm down and trust me he looked at me funny and then relaxed. I grabbed his dick and started to fondle it so that it got hard.

Once he was hard I squirted some lube on my hand and started to stroke up and down on his hard on. After about five minutes he started to breathe harder and squirm. He told me that he felt like he was about to pee and I told him that it was about to get a lot better and then I started to jack him off faster.

After about another minute I saw that his balls were starting to pull up towards his body and I knew that he was about to have his first ejaculation.

James started panting and moaning and then he shouted oh my gosh this feels so amazing. Right after that he shot four ropes of his first cum onto his chest and had his very first orgasm. I grabbed his cum and started to rub it into his chest. After I was done I asked him if he would return the favor. He said shit yeah.

So we switched places and he squirted some lube on his hand and grabbed my dick. After about two minutes I told him hey rub your dick against mine. So James got closer to me and started humping my dick.I was so horny that it didn't take me but a few minutes to cum. However it was the strongest orgasm that I have ever had in my life and I shot 7-8 ropes on my face and my chest. Then James started to rub my cum into my chest hair and I just sat there.

That night we had jack off sessions for almost the whole night it was the most fun I have ever had and we now are jack off buddies and meet whenever we can.



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