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State Basketball

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Best time ever!


So the girls made it to state basketball, so me and three other guy friends were driving up to see them play. It is about an hour and a half drive.

So we were driving in the car and talking about everything, and then like every other conversation that males have, it turned into talking about sex. So one of my friends was talking about how he had never done anything and then was like I wish I could. My other friend said 'lets play truth or dare' and we were like, wasn't that out of the blue?!

So we start by doing the what have you done? who do you like? and who would you rather do? questions. One person said truth or dare to the kid sitting right next to me and he said dare. The driver said 'I dare you to moon the car in next to us.' So he said 'OK'.

He unbuckled his pants and mooned the car next to us and when he was going to sit back down his dick popped out of the hole in his boxers. It was about 5 inches soft. I was like did you shave your ass. He said yeah I always shave everything everywhere. My other friend said lets see! So then the driver said I have a dare for everyone. lets all take off our pants and underwear and see who can go the longest without a boner. So he said 'One Two Three' and we were all pantless in the car. The kid in the passenger seat said 'do you know how much I love to eat pussy?!' and the kid in the back seat said 'Oh shit.' and the driver then took his hand and started rubbing the passenger's dick and said that he lost. I said lets go for second place so I started to rub the kid next to me. The passenger said 'You got it up you have to get it down'. The kid next to me said 'Same here'.

I kept on rubbing it and it grew to about 6.5' and mine was starting to also. I then heard the kid in the front seat say move over I can't take this he sucks at driving and jacking. So I was in the middle and the kid to my left was about 6' and very veiny. I saw him roll his eyes to the back of his head and he said 'here it comes, watch out!' I kept stroking and then jizz flew all over my hands. I then used that as lube for the other kid and stroked his big dick for about 5 minutes until his head was very purple. the kid to my left then started massaging my balls and I got a boner. So I started rubbing the kid to my rights balls and he said 'uh oh' and I said 'what?' he didn't say anything and I kept rubbing and then he took my hand and started rubbing his cock with it slower and slower and then he shot about 6 threads of cum all over the seat ahead of his.

Then it was my turn my dick grew to about 7' and they both were rubbing it. I then took one of their hands and started to massage my balls with it. Then I said 'here I go!' and I started cumming and it went all over all of their hands.

We now jack off together about once a month, but nothing more.



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