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Starts With a Movie. Ends With a Movie

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Some more experiences.


This is a story that goes back to when I was dating Chloe from my past stories.

This particular day we decided we wanted to go and see a movie. It was a fairly popular movie so instead of getting our usual seats up the back, we ended up sitting roughly in the middle of the cinema.

We'd been to the cinema many times and not done anything beyond some teenage kissing. This time I was feeling pretty horny, and we'd discussed doing more. The problem was, we were right in the middle of a fairly full theatre.

The movie started, and I decided I'd be daring and give it a go. We always hold hands in the cinema, so I just started rubbing her skin lightly to show her my intent and edged closer to her thighs. She didn't offer any resistance so I kept going. I was blushing something bad at this point because it felt like everyone in the theatre could see what I was doing. I was also still as a mouse apart from my very slow arm movement.

I finally reached the top of her jeans and tried to gently undo the button, but since she insisted on wearing very tight clothing, it was impossible to do with one-hand while I was staring at the cinema screen. So I just edged my fingers down and began lightly rubbing her through her jeans. Chloe had a way of orgasming by being stimulated through jeans that I could never understand. It always felt to me like I was just rubbing the cloth and nothing was getting through, but she'd be shaking and cumming hard after not too long.

However in this instance, I was being so light that I was sure she didn't feel anything. After a couple of minutes of gentle rubbing, I decided to stop and put my hand back in my lap.

To my surprise, she turned to me, gave me a kiss on the cheek and whispered in my ear 'Don't stop'. With that, she grabbed my hand and gently moved it back to her privates. I gently started rubbing again with her hand on top of mine, she must've been enjoying it, but after a while I guess it became too frustrating because she pulled my hand off. We just held hands together for the rest of the movie, but I was sporting a hard-on, and she was aroused too.

After the movie, we caught a bus back to her house and just held hands as we walked back. Once we got back, her house was empty so we grabbed some drinks and sat down on the couch. We were still horny from the cinema, so it didn't take long for us to start making out on the couch. As we were kissing, I started rubbing her through her jeans again as she kissed me even harder. We ended up with her lying against the armrest of the couch with my half on top of her. I unzipped her jeans and she lifted her butt up off the couch so I could slide them down a little. I slipped my hand into her panties and started rubbing her very moist clit. She kissed me even harder as I masturbated her. After a few minutes, she pulled away from kissing me. She had her eyes shut and was gasping. A few seconds later she gasped out 'Here... it.. comes..' I kissed her neck as she had her orgasm, rubbing her fast as she gasped out in the pleasure of the climax, and slower as she slowly came down from it.

I kept my hand in her panties, slowly rubbing around her clit as we kissed and looked into each others eyes again. After a few minutes she broke the kiss and pushed me back on the couch. She smiled at me and pulled down my shorts exposing my slightly-wet-from-pre-cum boxers and a rather noticeable tent. She grinned and unbuttoned my boxers, pulling out my penis.

As this is a site about masturbation, I'll only briefly mention that she gave me a short session of oral sex. Before I could cum from that though she pulled out a small tube of handcream from her purse and squirted it into my hand. She laid between my legs as she wrapped her hand around my dick and started stroking slowly up and down. I'd say it took me roughly 14.7 seconds before I had a powerful orgasm, cumming on my shirt, boxers and over her hand. She gave me a smile and stood up, leaned down and gave me a hungry kiss. Then she walked off to get some tissues. leaving me on the couch with cum all over me.

We cleaned up just in time too as her parents walked in not five minutes later with us all cleaned up and innocently watching a movie. That was a great day, started with a movie and ended with a movie with a couple of orgasms in between.



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