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Starting Early/my Wanking Life

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From this early start wanking played a big part in my life. If there is interest I'll be happy to send in more instalments of my wanking life.


Seeing a story recently which mentioned starting masturbating at just around five years old reminded me of my own early introduction to the pleasures of wanking.

It started in school when I was around five. We sat at two little seat desks and the boy I shared with, I now realise, was very sexually advanced.

He had his hand inside his pocket or up the leg of his shorts, under the desk, almost all the time. I asked him what he was doing. He told me he was rubbing his pee-pee and if felt good. I had found that if I rubbed mine on pillows or when climbing, it got hard and felt funny, good, but funny. Having aroused my interest over some days he eventually offered to show me. Off we went to the bathroom in the break and into a quiet stall. He pulled my shorts down and stroked my foreskin up and down. It felt wonderful and I was hooked.

From that day we made time every day to play with each other, either in the bathroom or in a quiet corner behind the building, or, most often, sitting at our desk, my hand working his cut dick and his jacking my uncut one. We even did each other on the school bus with our bags over our laps and our hands in each others pockets, where we had both made holes for access.

We were never caught and things progressed to my first dry orgasm which he brought me to, pants down round my ankles and legs shaking. We were in his bedroom and I was standing up as he stood beside me working me hard with his right hand, his left hand between my ass cheeks. I later found out that this is what his brother did to him, but usually with a finger in his hole.

We did it so much, my foreskin got sore and my mother had to apply some cream. I told her it had happened climbing a tree. Later on I met his older brother who was around 12 and realised that he was the expert teacher behind my friends skills as a wanker. He had a massive cock, I thought, and soon my friend and I were wanking him off regularly in his room. He would lie naked on his bed and we would settle on either side of him. He liked me to stroke his five inch cut cock which stood straight up when he was hard. His brother used to play with his balls while I wanked him, very slowly up and down. He would make me stop ever so often and would spit in my hand for lube. He used to take a long time to cum and his brother and I took turns, but he liked me, I suppose because it was a change, to finish him off. When he was ready I would move to sit between his legs and he would wrap them round me as I wanked him hard. When he came, and he could shoot hard, he would make me carry on and sometimes he would cum again.

I loved wanking him and myself and, as we had the house to ourselves three days a week for hours after school, we had long intense sessions, which would leave us exhausted, sweaty and with sore cocks.

Sometimes I had such a powerful feeling after a long and very intense session when we would all be naked and wanking each other, that I felt as if I would pass out.

That was the beginning of my wanking life.

Later my friend and his brother showed me other things boys could do with each other .



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