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Started Young!

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Rather than break the rules, I'll just say I started REALLY, REALLY young. Just started humping my foot one day and it felt really, really good.

But that's not what I'm writing about, I'm writing about an incident much, much later. During the day, when it wasn't a school day (and even when it was, if we didn't have homework), my sister and I would lie around on the couches in our living room watching TV. We'd both lie on our stomachs. Sometimes, I'd notice my sister paying a lot of attention to the TV- breathing slowly, looking very glazed... And then one day I came back from getting a glass of water and saw, over the back of her couch, her hands between her legs, slowly rubbing herself through her pants. She'd stop instantly whenever our parents came in, but it looked fun, so I started to do it too.

Oh goodness, it felt SO good. I started doing it every time I was lying on the couch, my hands would just gravitate between my legs and I'd start to rub, and I'd lose track of everything- I've since had the same feeling doing yoga meditation or being hypnotized. I'd just lie there for an hour masturbating, with my sister on the other couch masturbating too.

As she got older, she stopped doing it out on the couch with me. I think our mom yelling at her that good girls don't do that had something to do with it. But when we were home alone, she WOULD vanish into her room for 90 minutes or a couple hours at a time, come back looking all disheveled. I could sometimes hear her bed squeaking when she did this. Me, I just kept rubbing myself on the couch, even when she was just sitting there. I think this has helped contribute to my exhibitionism, lol.

A few years later, in my mid-teens (as opposed to early), I discovered porn. I was sitting on the computer and click an image link, and my foot happened to be under me. I saw this picture of two women kissing, and I instantly started humping my foot, unconsciously, until I noticed that I felt really good- I stopped and went to watch TV.

After a while, I got a boyfriend (it took me a while) and I learned how to masturbate properly from the way he'd finger. I'd lie in bed at night, push my panties down, and rub my clit for a good hour or more. Sometimes, though I felt really guilty about it, I'd get horny when I heard my parents having sex down the hall and start masturbating. Sometimes, I'd hear my sister masturbating through the wall our bedrooms shared and I'd join in then too. And usually I'd be loud, because I had no shame (Still dont :) ) and was hoping maybe if my hearing them made me horny, them hearing me might do the same.

I still masturbate twice a day or more, and I think I'm gonna go do that now. I have a nice egg I love to slip into my panties while I sit around doing homework in my dorm and such, and it's been a while since I used it.

Happy jilling, girls! ;) (And jacking for guys too, I guess.)



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