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Started Out Just Talking

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What a way to learn about how that thing boys have works.


I'm now 63 but back when I was 16 and very in the dark when it came to boys and there sexual 'equipment' this happened to me. I and my girlfriend Anna were over at another girlfriend's house. Her name was Lanna and she was 18 years old. Our conversation turned to boys and it soon turned to boys and sex. We then learned from Lanna that she was sexually active and had been for over a year so she soon became the center of our attention being that both I and Anna weren't.

Lanna went to telling us how she gets boys aroused and how big there penises get and what they feel like. She told us about giving boys hand jobs, and other things. She went into talking about cum. What it looks like, feels like, smells like and even taste like. Both Anna and I said 'yak' when she talked about this (the tasting thing).

Lanna then asked us if we'd like to see a boy and the things we had talked about in person. She said she could call Billy and tell him about what was going on and she promised us he'd be right over saying any boy would just at the chance to show off there dicks like this. Anna and I looked at each other and nervously aggreed. Lanna made the call and Billy sure enough said he'd be right over.

Billy got there and when he walked in it was easy to tell he was ready. It was easy to see the outline of his erect penis in his pants. Lanna helped him strip for us. Anna and I were so nervous. Billy laid down with his enormous dick sticking up toward his stomach. Lanna wrapped her hand around it telling us 'this is how you give a hand job' as she stroked it. She then had us come over to feel a dick for the first time and go through the hand job motion on it.

She then told Billy 'they want to see you shoot your cum and see what that looks like and see what cum looks like and feels like'. Billy said 'no problem. I can sure do that'. Lanna got on one side of Billy and Anna and I on the other so we could watch. Lanna put some lotion on her hand and wrapped it around Billy's dick. She went to stroking it. Billy was making some moaning sounds and put his hand up Lanna's shirt cupping a tit. He then went to bucking his hips and said 'oh yea, baby. I feel it. Ahh, I feel it. I'm going to cum. Ahh, Ahh' and he shot his hips up as the first shot of cum squirted out of his dick. It went over his head! Then, another shot landing on his neck. Anna and I could hardly believe our eyes. Each squirt became shorter and shorter landing on his stomach.

Lanna then invited us to touch his cum and feel it. Anna and I reached over getting our finger tips in it. We both commented how gooey it was. Lanna told us to taste it and we both said 'no way'! Lanna then leaned over and took some on her tongue just to show us she would. She looked up at us showing us the cum on her tongue and then telling us 'ummm, so good'.

Over the years I sure put to use what Lanna and Billy had tought us that day and I'm sure Anna has done the same. I remember that I could hardly wait to try giving a hand job myself to my first boyfriend. If I remember right, the opportunity didn't come for a year before I finally got to do it and the boyfriend loved it. Of course, this was the first of many. And, just for the record, I did develope a taste for that stuff after all.



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