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Started on the Dance Floor

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Dancing with my boyfriend at a school dance led to other things.


Gene (make up name) and I were at a school dance one Friday evening. We were dancing to a slow song and were very close to each other. Suddenly, I could feel my boyfriend's hard penis rubbing against my lower belly. I then said to him 'my God, Gene. I can feel you against me. Did I get you like this'? He answered back yes and said 'you always get me like this'. I was kind of flattered.

When we left and were driving home all I could think of was what had happened on the dance floor. I then asked Gene if he was still aroused. He answered yes. I then put my hand just above his crouch and asked him 'can I touch it'? He took hold of my wrist and lowered it down on his hard penis. When I rubbed it he let out a grown and shuttered some. I knew about boys jerking off but had never seen it and I had this on my mind when I asked him 'can I do something to help'? We live in rural farm country and were on a seldom used lane at the time. Gene pulled over and stopped. We talked some and I told Gene what I knew about the act of jerking off and that I'd never seen a boy do it and how I wanted to see it and help. Hearing this Gene immediately unbuttened his pants and lowered them. There it was. The first erect penis I'd ever seen and it was so big. Next I reached over to touch it and I wrapped my hand around it. Gene then put his hand around mine and showed me how to do it. I started stroking it and Gene let out a grown and laid his head back. He then started telling me 'oh, that feels so good. Please don't stop. Oh God it feels good'. This went on for most of a minute when he started telling me 'Oh, I'm going to cum. Oh, I'm cumming, I'm cumming' and with this his hips started thrusting and his whole body shook as he let out a loud Ah and started squirting his sperm all over his shirt. Again, I had heard about what this was like but it was even more thirlling actually seeing this with my own eyes. He finally calmed down and I then took my hand from his penis and felt what the cum felt like rubbing some between my fingers. I was amazed at how gooey it felt. Gene then pulled up his pants and buttoned up and drove me home.

In later dates we continued our new thing and gene returned the favor on me. This became a regular thing with us on our dates and we eventually got into trying other things like the oral thing and on one evening Gene came prepared showing me a pack of condoms. It was that night in the back seat of his car that he and I both lost our virginity to each other.

In ending, Gene and I went on to marry each other and are still very much still married and still having fantastic sex.



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