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Started in School

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One day I was asked to share my desk with a guy who left his book home. We were in the corner of the classroom and the teacher couldn't really see what was going on. I had a hard on and sort of wanted him to put his elbow down in my, lap and touch it accidently that way. He was sitting on my right, so it was his left arm and elbow I was trying to get to drop. I whispered for him to move his arm. He did it, and his elbow touched my cock head inside my pants. Just then, he reached under the desk top with his right hand and squeezed my shaft. I was so shocked that I saw stars. My cock started really swelling then. He whispered to 'go ahead and feel mine.' I reached under and felt through his pants and his cock was hard too. I gave it a little squeeze. It was the first time I ever touched a guy's cock even through his pants. Then he reached under and squeezed mine again. My cock began to jump and throb. I was scared that I would cum in my pants. I had made myself cum in the bathtub a little while before this, so I knew what cumming was, but it was still very new to me. I whispered for him to stop or 'I might cum.' He smirked and he did stop but asked me 'squeeze mine just once more.' I did. It felt like it throbbed but I wasn't sure. Anyway, the bell rang and class was out.

We left school and ran across the playing field to a pavilion. If you stood in the corner of it you were sort of hidden. When we got there we dropped out books and he said 'put your hand down my pants'' I did and got inside his briefs and felt a bare cock for the first time. He squeezed his eyes shut and made a kind of hissing sound. I didn't pump his cock, just felt up and down the shaft and juggled his balls a little. When I got to the top of the shaft I felt the head. I went up and down his shaft a few times. It only took a minute or two. Then he said 'let me feel yours' and pushed his hand down my pants and inside my briefs. It was the first time a guy's bare hand touched my bare cock. He was kind of rough and squeezed the shaft and head and my balls too till they hurt. He did the shaft once or twice and then I couldn't stand it. I said 'I think I'm gonna cum!' He suggested we go somewhere we could drop our pants or get undressed, but before he even finished saying it I said 'I can't hold it! I'm cumming!' and shot a load in my briefs. He pulled his hand out and wiped it on a tissue he had in his pocket. He was laughing and still wanted to go somewhere so I could do him and maybe let him do me again. But I felt embarrassed and just wanted to walk home. I was glad no one had seen us. The pavilion was very public and other kids were walking by on the way home. But I don't think anyone saw us. I left and walked home alone. He lived on the other end of town. But we did lots of things later on that year and in the summer. That's another story.



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