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Started Early

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Swore off masturbation (for about a week)


First off this site is a wonderful turn on. Keep fueling the fire!

This story isn't as hot as many, but it is somewhat unusual definitely comical looking back. I'd been masturbating as long as I can remember. My source of inspiration was girls from school or from the nationhood, nothing unusual here. What was somewhat unusual was how young I got really going. At the age of 10 or 11, I'd stroke my cock at nearly every private opportunity. I was having dry orgasms by 11. I got more adventurous as time went by.

My room overlooked a neighbor's yard where often kids would come to play. I'd start wanking while looking out through a crack in the curtains. As time went on I'd strip naked and wank in full view of anyone if they might be looking, but they never were. My room was on the first floor but our house was set higher than the neighbors. One particular day there were a lot of girls out playing kick ball. Three of them were regulars in my fantasies.

This particular day my room was being painted and the curtains were down. No big deal if someone looked up I'd just duck to the side. My mom was painting out side my room in the hall; I told her I was going to take a nap. The unlikely chance that she might barge in unannounced was very exhilarating. Anyway I stripped and started my thing at the window. I was really getting along. The girls that were the focus of my attention were there in short shorts and T neck shirts with no bras. They were 11 - 12 at the time and starting to develop. They were out of my league but were fine fuel for the fire I was stoking, or should I say stroking.

Then just as I was getting close, the three hoties had to leave. I wasn't about to stop but to say I was disappointed was understatement. The other girls would have to do. I didn't think through the whole painting thing and the implications, you see my room was a corner room. It had windows on two walls. From the out side if you were close to the windows virtually the entire room was visible and what you couldn't see from one window you could see from the other.

Unbeknown to me the girls that I was so intent on undressing with my eyes had not left, they apparently had seen me from the neighbor's, and were going to check me out. I have never had a short fuse. This can be a blessing or a curse depending on the situation. In any case they had plenty of time to move to my side window and check me out. Just as I cracked my nut, I heard a giggle and I turned and saw three girls standing at the side window. When they realized they had been found out they started screaming stuff like 'Jerry's jacken his penis' and stuff like that. I ran against the wall where they were looking in to be out of view, but they ran around to my back window and saw me from there. So I ran to that wall. Then they split up and were at both windows. There was nowhere to hide. The closet had no door (because of the painting) the bed was striped and the frame went all the way to the floor. I could run out of my room but Mom was in the hall.

All I could do was get dressed as fast as I could and bust out of there. Well before I could so much as get my underwear on there was like ten girls at both of my windows, all chanting and having a riot. I had my underwear about up to my knees when my Mom came in to see what all the ruckus was about. Here I was standing one leg trying to pull my underwear on, with a hard on that won't go away, naked in front of the world to see.

I was horrified and excited. The girls ran off when they saw my Mom, but Mom was really pissed. I vowed then and there never to wank again.

Word got around pretty fast, I was the laughing stock of the neighborhood my only come back was 'you do it to, you're just bummed you missed the show' When they thought I wasn't ashamed they let it drop. But my nick name all through school was Ham Bone.

It might have been a week before I started wanking again. Probably the longest hiatus since I was four. But I was cured of any tendency of public exhibitionism. To this day I never initiate anything alone or with my wife unless I know it's private.

The whole episode was not a loss because for years after girls would search me out to determine for themselves if I was willing to show them how I jack off. As long was there was a reciprocal show I took on nearly all cummers. Pun intended. Thankfully in addition to maturing early sexually, I also matured early physically. Which I sure helped increase the age of the girls who showed an interest. Yes two of the three who were first at my window were among those asking for a private command performance. But that's another story for another time.

All things being equal I'd choose a less public way to share masturbation if I were nine again.



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