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In early 1987 I was on a business trip to Yuma, AZ, with three colleagues. We had all gone out to eat, and made small talk with the hostess and two waitresses, who told us they might be at an after-hours bar just across the California line. With this in mind, we went to a nice little bar closer to our hotel, and ordered a round while we eyed the crowd and the females. The music was nice, and I danced with an older lady who was getting ready to head back north, as the temperature was beginning to approach the nineties already. I went up to the bar to get a fresh round, and exchanged pleasantries with one of the waitresses, a young lady of about 19 who was very well formed and cute as a button. My friends and I were chatting when I looked up, and saw the waitress at the bar, doing a little dance to 'Queen of Hearts'. I started to clap, and my friends joined in. She whirled around, embarrassed at having been caught, and then grinned at us.

She returned to her order, and we resumed our chat. I looked up a bit later, and saw her at the bar again. She looked right at me, and mouthed 'I'm horny', and raised an eyebrow. I looked around, and noticed that no one else was paying attention to her. I waited a bit, and sauntered up to the bar to order refills, and she bumped her hip against me. I asked her softly if she had a break coming. She said in about 20 mins she could take a short break. I told her I had a large van in the parking lot, if she wanted to grab some conversation. She grinned wickedly, and said 'I'll meet you at the back door in 15'. I didn't say anything to my colleagues, but excused myself to go to the john, muttering about my bowels.

I slipped out the back door, and she was soon right next to me. Staying in the shadows, we started toward the van, when she pulled me into some bushes, and started kissing me. She felt my cock through my denims, then pulled my hand to her ample breast. We fondled each other, then I pulled her to our van. We entered through the side door, and sat on the floor. She was hot as a match head, and was all over me. I reached into her top and began to fondle her breasts, then opened her top and unclasped her bra in front. I started sucking her nipples, which by now were hard. She unbuttoned my jeans and extracted my now drooling cock from my boxers. She rubbed the pre-cum all over the head, and felt it all over, pausing to braille the head very softly. She squeezed a little pre-cum out and licked her fingers. I meanwhile had my hand up her full skirt and had insinuated my finger under the elastic of her panties, and was rubbing the outside of her now soaked vulva. 'I don't want to fuck' she said; 'I don't do it unless I have a lot of time, Put your fingers in me'.

I pulled her panties out of the way, and slowly inserted one, then two fingers into her weeping vagina. She gasped, then began moving against me as she pumped my penis. I found her clitoris, and using her juices, lightly stroked it with my thumb. She had a light bush, and was now thrusting against my hand, breathing hard. I was ready to cum, and told her. She slowed her strokes, and put her mouth on mine, thrusting her tongue into my mouth in time with her thrusts against my hand. Her breathing was getting faster, and there was a slight whimper in her throat. She sped up, and I kept up the rhythm, curling my fingers inside her, as she continued to stroke me. All of a sudden I felt myself cumming, and I seemed to come forever. That sent her over the edge, as she ground her pelvis against me and my hand, and stifled her screams with my mouth. It was amazing, to feel her orgasm; she seemed to stiffen, then rotate her pelvis around my hand. My hand was drenched. She slowly relaxed, like a deflating balloon, but still moving slightly against my hand, my fingers still inside her. She made some soft mewing sounds as she shuddered a few times. 'Aftershocks' she grinned.

She took her semen-soaked hand and tasted me, then looked around for something to wipe on. I handed her a box of tissues, and she wiped her hand, Meanwhile, I had removed my hand from her crotch, and slowly licked her juices from my fingers. She grabbed my hand and licked the rest, grinning wickedly at me. 'My panties are soaked! I may have to be wearing wet panties all night, or none at all!' With that, she took off her panties and handed them to me. 'Have a souvenir' she said, and stuck them in my shirt pocket. 'I have to get back. Good thing I was so horny, this didn't take long'. I buttoned my jeans, and she said, 'just let me go on in. You follow in a few minutes. And I get off at 1:00 AM'. With that she was gone. I straightened up as best as I could, then went back in through the back door, and into the bar. My friends were on the dance floor, and had not even noticed my absence. I came back by myself at 1:00, but that's another story.



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