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Standing Up (2)

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Another recollection of standing up masturbating...and a little voyeur


Standing Up

Although masturbating while standing up isn't the easiest act to perform, I found it novel and convenient on many occasions. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing like the privacy of my home, relaxing and taking my time, but when in a pinch...well...

Like the time I was super horney after a quickie with my hubby one morning. I knew he was in dire need when his morning erection persisted for over the usual thirty minutes. All my attention was given to his cock, so I didn't have time to satisfy myself at the same time.

When he stepped into the shower, my hand was instantly at my very wet pussy ready for a good frigging when my aunt called wanting to come over to drop some of their vacation pictures off. By the time that conversation was over, hubby was out of the shower and almost dressed. The coffee and toast needed to be made, which I dutifully performed while my hand was constantly rubbing my clit in hopes that I could reach my peak and gather some satisfaction before he came down...no such luck.

He profusely thanked my for the 'favor' and promised to return it soon saying that he loves the way my pussy feels and tastes. Meanwhile my clit is throbbing for attention. I would've liked to spread my lips and frigged off right in front of him but...I digress...

About five years after we were married, we started masturbating together. We were slow starters with sex. Missionary style was the only order of the day but we enjoyed each other immensely. Laying together pleasuring ourselves was at first a little awkwrd, but we started really enjoying it. Half the time we would finish ourselves, the other half culminated in intercourse. One time hubby wanted it from behind, which was rare for him. I diddled my clit while he got off a little sooner than I. I quickly rolled over and finished on my back in front of him. His expression was obvious and he made it know that he thought it 'wasn't right' to masturbate instead of finishing with him. No explanation satisfied him, so masturbation was taboo from then on except mutual. As disappointing as that was, it really didn't bother me because I enjoy masturbationg in private the most anyway, so without regard to his opinion, I have continued masturbating whenever I wanted to...back to the present...

I knew I would have to wait until his departure before getting down to the business of pleasuring myself, but I didn't know exactly when my sister was going to arrive. I kissed him goodbye, shut the door and humped the doorknob gently until his car disappeared down the street. Knowing I had to keep watch for my aunt, I slipped off my sweats and stood with the doorknob pressed against my pussy while rubbing my clit all the time watching for her car to pull up into the drive.

This was an awkward position, but my engorged pussy and clit needed it. Soon the wonderful pulsing started and I was off to a very needed orgasm which almost brought me to my knees. My pussy slipped off the doorknob and I leaned against the door while the waves of pleasure washed over me. Then I watched my aunt's car pull into the drive, but the pleasure was too wonderful to stop, so I slowly frigged my clit until the last spasm ended, knowing it would require a few minutes for her get out of the car and up to the door.

The vacation pictures of Maine in the fall were beautiful, but the ache between my legs persisted. That's what happens when I hold off an orgasm too long. That kind of feeling isn't too pleasurable, but sometimes I'll masturbate all morning, holding off an orgasm several times, getting up to vacuum or do wash inbetween. It's a guarantee that the full achey feeling will result in at least two or three more orgasms throughout the afternoon.



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