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Stairway To Heaven

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While masturbation had been a part of my life since I can remember, high school was a moment when the bar was raised to the next level. Girls-beautiful, soft and very curious girls.

I had my share of girl friends and one-nighters and it was all good. As a teenage boy, there was little disappointment with the exception of a date that left you blue-balled and nearly doubled over. If that was the case, it was a short drive around the corner to spray a few ropes on the side of the road somewhere.

This story is about a girl we'll call Sue. Sue and I shared a class while I was a senior. She was a sophmore and was occasionally teased by some of the older kids in class simply because she was among the younger kids in class. I never understood this and kept our relationship pretty low key; making jokes, smiling as we went along, but never really throwing anything her way.

With the end of the school year approaching, yearbooks had been distributed and it was customary to have your friends sign-writing embarassing things your parents might find and make for great stories years later. Since I was graduating that summer I joined in the fun like all the others. As a matter of course, I made sure that Sue signed my book. By then, I was absolutely in lust for this girl who I thought was by far one of the cutest girls in school. She was blonde, medium height, a button nose, blue eyes and a mouth that screamed to be kissed. She had perfect B-size breasts and a nice ass to boot. I was definitely interested, but felt my chances were a little weak. Perhaps I played it a little too cool that year?

Well I mustered up the courage for Sue to sign my book and it all took place in a book-trading flury. I grabbed mine from her as she passed it on with a smile and we wished each other well. Late for the next class, I chose to read it a little later.

When I had a chance to page through later to find what I thought would be the more typical 'have a nice life' entry, I was more than surprised to find a nice note with her phone number attached! Sweet!

Needless to say, my desire to get a closer look at her assets became a refreshingly strong possibility.

I called her that weekend and arranged for us to get together. We connected right away. Touching her was as rewarding as I thought it would be, but how far could I go with this seemingly sweet well-manered girl? Thankfully her hormones were in full gear and it didn't take many dates filled with long wet kisses and roaming hands before we really started to get down to business.

Sue had told me that she only had one boyfriend before me that she messed around with at all. While not the first, I was privilaged to be one to help satisfy whatever curiousities she desired. Since Sue lived with her mother and her brother in a relatively small apartment, we had to be careful how crazy things got, so when Sue decided she wanted to learn more about my cock, creativity became the name of the game.

Sue's apartment was at the end of a long hallway. At the end of that hallway was a door to the stairwell. Since she lived on the 10th floor, there wasn't too much traffic to say the least! It was this stairwell that would become a place where we often fund just the right kind of privacy we needed when the passions hit. That may not sound like much, but at 17 it was just what the doctor ordered.

On this particular day, the kissing and petting had taken Sue's curiousity to the next level, indeed. We had been kissing for a long time and I had learned at that point that she loved her nipples to be rubbed and gently sucked. Obviously with this kind of momentum I knew we had to be going places-to the stairwell. Up to this point the stairwell was a make-out hideaway, but not today!

With our hearts beating wildly, Sue lead me into the hallway and into the stairwell. She asked me to take out my cock so she could look at it. As badly as I wanted to, it was a bit of a stumble as the day of tight jeans and a rock hard cock made for a challenge! Even so, it sprang to life as she ordered; 7' of of purple angry meat.

What happened next was a curiosity all it's own. Sue began to play with it, explore it and stroke it like a new found toy. As hot as I was, you would think I would have blasted away in no time at all, but her playful investigation kept me raging, but no load jumped out-yet. This went on for probably 30 minutes; teasing my head, stroking the shaft, playing with my balls-it was wonderful, but even her young hands started to tire a bit and she was ready for it to 'shoot' as she commanded. To add to my pleasure-as if this was not enough-I raised her t-shirt and played with her soft white breasts, kneading her nipples as she liked, which just sent electricity to my now ready-to-blow hard on. Looking into her eyes as she stroked even faster I shot load after load straight up, hitting me in the shoulder, my chest her chest-it was like the fourth of July. She marveled at the display and was quite pleased with her handy-work.

Thankfully it was a show she enjoyed because she sought repeat performances on almost a daily basis! All of these lead to some other great masterbatory treats that I will share some other time, but I will never forget the 30-minute hand job I got from one of the most beautiful women I had ever met!



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