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Staircase Watcher

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Staircase Watcher
I used to have an apartment on the ground floor that had a staircase right outside the bedroom window that gave access to the two apartments upstairs. One apartment was occupied by an older couple that pretty much stayed home. The other was occupied by a young guy and a young girl named Janet. Janet had dark hair and a killer body ... not huge tits or anything but great legs and a great ass. We became casual friends .. enough to say hi and she stopped in to my apartment once or twice briefly to chat. I had major fantasies about fucking her but thought, for the sake of domestic tranquility, I had better resist the forbidden fruit. I didn't want to break up a relationship or anything.
Janet worked nights and would come home about 10:00 or so. I could hear her park her car around the corner and her footsteps as the walked down the sidewalk toward our little stairwell. The stairs were outside in a little garden area. The headboard of my bed was up against the outside wall where the window was. If the curtains were open anyone going up the stairs could look right in my bedroom with a clear view of my entire bed except for the foot or two up by the headboard.
I spent a lot of time masturbating with Janet in my mind but one night decided to leave my normally closed curtains open just an inch or two so she could see into my bedroom when she came home and climbed the stairs. The curtains were not open enough to make it look like it was on purpose or anything ... more like they had just not closed all the way. I waited until just before ten and then got naked, laid on my bed and began fondling my cock and balls thinking about Janet. I had a raging hardon when I heard her car pull up. My heart was racing because I had never really exposed myself to anyone before. I was aligned perfectly with the slit in the curtains so that she could see my body from the chest down. I listened to her footsteps as she walked toward the staircase sliding my hand slowly up and down my rock hard dick.
I had also slid my window open ever so slightly so I could hear outside very well. In the stillness of the night her footsteps were plainly clear as she climbed the first five or six steps. Then they stopped! At that moment I knew she had noticed my window and had seen me jerking off. I slid my hand up and down the length of my shaft while I envisioned her standing there watching me. After about two minutes, the footsteps continued up the staircase, punctuated by the closing of her apartment door.
I repeated this scene many times over the next few weeks. Not every night, mind you, but a couple times a week .. as if it were purely chance that she would catch me. She always stopped and the time she spent watching lengthened to three, four even five minutes sometimes. I assumed she didn't think that I could hear her and that I was completely unaware of her presence. All during this period, we continued to chat in the hallway, or out by the pool (where I really got a good look at her body in a skimpy bikini). Both of us pretending that nothing was going on .. I didn't know she could see me and she didn't know that I knew she was watching. Her pauses on the stairs began to last until I shot my load up over my chest and belly. I never heard a sound from her except for her footsteps coming .. stopping .. then going.
One hot summer day, I had my front door wide open and was sitting at my desk trying to polish off some school assignments ( I was going to school at night to try and get a degree ) when Janet appeared at my door .. in a bikini. She was on her way to the pool and asked me if I wanted to join her. I asked her where whats-his-name was and she said he was working. She walked through the door and over to my desk standing just a foot or two away looking so hot. I got up, walked into the kitchen and grabbed a beer. From the kitchen I asked her if they were really serious and were they going to get married or something. Her face expressed complete surprise as she asked "Didn't you know we are just roommates? We have a completely platonic relationship."
I could hardly contain myself as I tried to act totally nonchalant .. "Oh, I thought you guys were a couple." I walked back over to the desk where she was standing, sat in the chair, looked up at her and said "I know you've been watching me jack off through my bedroom window." I sensed the moment and reached out cupping her delicious ass cheeks with both hands and pulled her towards me. I licked her belly as I looked up into her eyes. I said "It's your turn to let me watch." I got up .. pushed her back against my desk .. stepped back, and told her I wanted to see her make herself cum. She looked at my coyly, but a sheepish grin came over her face as she leaned back and slid her hand down the front of her bikini bottoms. I could see her hand moving back and forth slowly inside her pants but that wasn't good enough. I reached behind her hips and pulled her bottoms down to the floor. I was so amazed when she just continued to draw small circles just above her clit with her hand. I said "Don't stop." as I moved up to her and undid her bra top. Her breasts weren't that big but man were they sweet. My dick was busting up against my shorts as I softly slid my hands down along her shoulders to her chest and down to her curvaceous hips. I dropped down to me knees and began licking her pussy area with my tongue, very slowly circling inward, occasionally flicking between her lips. She pulled her hand away, spread her legs and leaned backward, arching her back.
What a babe! She loved what my tongue was doing. She moaned and grunted but never really said any words. I kept thinking any minute she's going to come to her senses and run home clutching her clothes around her. But she was so hot! Out of the side of my mouth as I nibbled her cunt, I asked her what she did after she watched me jack off through the window. She spoke for the first time since I had pulled her suit down ... "I take a long shower and put the spray handle up against my pussy, rubbing it back and forth as the warm water hits my clit. I cum two or three times before I get out. I fantasize that it's my hand on your penis instead of yours."
I licked the pussy juice off my lips and stood up, looked her straight in the eyes, pulled my shorts down and put her right hand on my cock. Her hand circled it, squeezed it a little too hard, and began sliding the skin back and forth. I bent over and feasted on her solid little titties while she continued to jack me. I said "Why don't you sit down on the couch." We walked over to the couch, she sat down, and I stood in front of her, my erection sticking straight out at head level. I was hoping she might start sucking it, but she resumed jacking me off ... looking at my dick, then at me, as she pulled it back and forth just inches from her face. She said "I've watched you cum through the window but I'm gonna get a much better view this time." She squeezed my shaft a little harder and began sliding my cock skin faster. I was just looking at her getting completely insane thinking about what was going on. I could feel the jiz building up inside me and told her not to stop as I exploded . The first ejack hit her in the chin, the second landed on her left tit, then she milked several smaller eruptions out of me.
I couldn't get hard again for a little while so I gladly spread her legs and slid my tongue in, out and around her pussy hole. She grabbed ahold of my hair and kept pulling my face into her crotch. I lapped up all her cum juice like a little puppy dog for about thirty minutes. Finally her pussy lips were so tender she couldn't take any more.
We went out to the pool for the rest of the afternoon, but there were many hot episodes after that day, including the day I finally fucked her for the first time, but that's a story for another day I guess.



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