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Squirting Vs Pee - My Niece

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Thanks to you guys for keeping this site going. I have been reading it since the beginning and it is great.

The big thing now is women who squirt. From what I have seen, I think it is women peeing when they have an orgasm. I have nothing against that mind you but from my experience with women, the fluid that comes out of their pussy after they have an orgasm is a clear slick liquid that is somewhat thicker than what you see most women squirting.

I have a niece and although she doesn't squirt, she does flood. She and I have had a thing going for several years now. I started sniffing her panties and jacking off to the smell of her pussy. We started really getting into some hot conversations, but still nothing happened. She began teasing me and would rub her hot body against me every chance she got.

When she was 19 we happened to be in the car together once and I decided it was time to put a move on her. As I thought she would, she responded to my advances.

I won't bore you with all the details but let me describe one of our sessions together and how her pussy floods. She loves for me to play with her pussy and says her orgasms are stronger if her pussy is stuffed with something. She enjoys the feeling of her pussy being filled while I play with her clit. After a lot of kissing and feeling and sucking on her tits she will get naked if she is not already. She likes to lay in bed on her back and I get down between her legs and play with her pussy. When she reaches that point where she is ready for the foreplay to end and the real fun to begin this is what I do. By that point her pussy is soaking wet. She has a big dildo that I get and lube it up good with her excess pussy juice. I then ease the big dildo up into her vagina real slow until her pussy is filled totally. It really stretches her good. With the dildo as deep in her as it will go and her pussy lips stretched to the max, her big clit is really sticking out. I hold the dildo inside her vagina and start massaging her clit.

It usually does not take long until she has her first orgasm. I really have to hold on to the dildo good when she starts to cum because she is like a bucking bull. In addition to her screaming and moaning, her ass is bouncing up and down and around on the bed. I back off her clit when her orgasm hits her. I have to because her ass is bouncing around so much I can't maintain contact with her clit. After she comes back down to earth I start massaging her clit again. Her second orgasm hits her pretty hard but not as intense as her first one. Then it's on to number three. I will generally give her five or six orgasms before she tells me that her clit is just too tender to continue. All this time I have kept the dildo inside her pussy. Her hairy pussy lips are stretched tightly around the dildo. All the pussy juice from her orgasms is trapped inside her vagina. After her last orgasm subsides I ease the dildo out of her vagina. When I do it is a sight to behold. Globs of clear, thick, slick juice floods out of her pussy. All the while the opening of her vagina is opening and closing, letting the juice escape her pussy.

If you just let it come out it runs down over her asshole and down the crack of her ass cheeks and onto the bed. I like to catch it and rub it all over my dick because I know it will not be long until she is jacking my dick and it makes good lube. Sometimes I will rub it all over her bottom. I especially love catching as much in my hand as I can and smelling it and licking it while she is jacking my dick. I have never seen another woman who has as much pussy juice as she does. And it smells and tastes wonderful. The smell is just like the odor I used to get from her panties. What a woman. I think she would be happy to have a half dozen orgasms every day of her life. She is always ready for some action.



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