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Squirt Trick

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When I was 18 and had graduated high school I had a sleep over with a good friend of mine, Will. We both had watched pornography together for several years, but I had been the only one who had ever masturbated openly. I had never thought Will would have done it, but that night changed everything. We ended up having some dinner and then going back to his house where his parents were out for the night.

After some small talk we decided to watch the movie on the big screen tv in the living room. He was wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants and socks. I had on jeans and a t-shirt. The movie started with 2 girls blowing a guy on a couch, much like the one we were sitting on. By the time that first scene was over I had a raging hard-on that needed to be taken care of. I was sure Will was hard as a rock too.

I told him I was going to jack off and he said 'go for it'. I stripped my clothes off and began to jack my jock just a few feet from him. He told me was going to be right back. I continued jacking and he returned 5 minutes later with a bath towel and some vaseline. Suprisingly he began to undress and when he was nude with the exception of his socks, jack off right next to me. I couldn't believe he was doing this but I didn't want to act too excited so I glanced briefly at his dick and continued playing with myself. He asked me if I needed any lube and I replied 'I don't need any'. He asked how I could not need to lube up. I told him I had so much pre-cum I was already coated perfectly. He told me he didn't precum at all and proceded to lube up with the Vaseline.

We had both been jacking for a while now and we then took the opportunity to compare dicks. Both of us kept our pubes trimmed short and had average size dicks. Mine was 6.5 inches and thick and I was uncut. Will had 6.5, much slender than mine and was circumcised very tight. Will commented how thick mine was while I told him how I wished I was circumcised like him. All the while we kept jacking our cocks and getting ready to cum. I also took this opportunity to check out Will's physique, he was thin with a hairless body except under his arms and a light amount of hair on his legs. He also had a little bit of a happy trail, but kept his bush shaved. Will told me he brought the towel for us to shoot our loads on so we wouldn't have a mess to clean up. I told him I was going to blow an extremely big load like I usually did.

Will asked if I knew about the squirt trick. He told me about a pornstar that would always hold the end of his dick before he came and that would result in a jet of cum spewing out with a lot of force and distance. I told him I thought I knew what he was talking about but to show me. He lubed up again and placed the towel on the floor and got down on his knees. He jacked faster and faster and then stopped and squeezed his shaft just below the head for about 5 seconds. When he let go a thick long stream of cum shot out several feet onto the towel and the carpet around it. Will fired at least 5 jets of cum before falling back onto the couch. Man was I turned on by that. I commented on his cocksmanship and began to stroke my cock harder and faster wanting to cum. When I felt the cum begin to rise I squeezed just below the cockhead and sure enough when I let go a thick stream of jizz fired out all over me, the couch and Will. 'You were supposed to shoot on the towel dude'. My cum was all over Will's cock as well. I could see him getting stiff again and he began to stroke his cock using my cum as lube. I hardened up as well and we continued stroking to our second orgasm of the night. That summer was filled with endless jack off fests but I'll never forget learning the squirt trick that day



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