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Square Jerk

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The anticipation grew as we drove to our friend's house for our monthly night of friendly 'cumming' together. For almost a year now we have been getting together with three other couples to experience each other's fantasies and bodies. The rules aren't too complicated. Obviously discretion is rule number one, so all names here have been changed. Cleanliness and health honesty are rule number two. The rest are all procedural. Upon arrival at the designated couple's residence all participants remove their clothing and get comfortable. Each person must submit a fantasy request describing in reasonable detail what their fantasy for the evening would entail. There are no rules governing gender or spousal interactions but stop-safe words and personal limits are respected. As soon as all are present and ready, the requests are mixed up in a hat and one is drawn out as the fantasy that will be fulfilled that evening.
This night it would be Julie's fantasy cum true. Julie is a cute little woman with great proportions with her man, Bob of average size being the only couple to never have had their fantasy cum true. Both would always oblige any one else's fantasy no matter what so this would finally be our chance to repay them.
Ella and Rick, our hostesses, unfold the small paper and take turns reading the instructions: 'This is a masturbation fantasy involving all the men, the women are obliged to watch and enjoy as they see fit. The four men are to stand in the center of the room each facing another's right side so as to create a sort of square. From this position each of the men can masturbate the man standing sideways in front of him with has right hand while being masturbated by the man facing his right side. The object will be to see who can last the longest before cumming while obviously each man should do his best to make the guy he's jacking cum ASAP. Lubrication is at the discretion of each man's wife so lady's if you want your man to last or want to see him cum like a fire hose you'll know what to do. As soon as a man cums he is out but he must keep jacking his subject. The guy who puts his subject out by making him cum can concentrate his efforts on one of the other men. Ok ladies, how do you want your guys lubed?'
Dana was first to say that she wanted her guy, Tom, to be slathered with KY and proceeded to do the honours to his seven-inch pole with a devilish contempt. You could see it in her eyes that she could hardly wait to see the gusher he was holding at bay...for now. Ella also chose to lube up her guy Rick by smoothly applying Vaseline to his six-inch cock and his balls while boasting that he had so much control that it wouldn't matter whether he was lubed or not. Julie was really starting to get turned on and couldn't wait to see us get started so she just told Bob to go ahead as he was. He appeared a little relieved that the dry jacking would help his control but at the same time looked like he might be missing out on some really fantastic jacking pleasure My wife Jill knows I have a hard time controlling myself when she pumps me dry let alone with the added sensation of the long slow strokes that are capable up and down my seven inch shaft when ample lube is applied. She was probably more into seeing how I would do at jacking another man than at how long I would last, but left me to be stroked dry none-the-less. So we took up our positions as the fantasy described. Since Julie had not specified we decided to alternate the two dry cocks opposite the two lubed guys so everyone would experience either having their slick dick pumped or they would be pumping one themselves. Rick would be 'handled' by Bob who would be jacked by Tom who would be stroked by me. Rick had the duty of performing his magic on my member to the best of his ability, should he want to win. As Julie counted down from five we prepared to employ our efforts as though we were beginning a game of skill and strategy, completely oblivious to how the amazing sensations created by this exercise were going to affect our efforts.
'Five, four, three, two, one, ok boys let the cum-fest begin,' Julie said with the utmost excitement in her voice. I reached out to grab Tom's shaft but just before I could felt the warm grip of Rick's hand on my own member. He placed his index, fore finger and thumb around me and began to pump slowly. Women are great but guys sure know how to jerk. He took his time to position his fingers on my cock where my cut skin would move with his hand giving him the ability to slide up and down all my sensitive areas without rubbing dry on my skin causing chafing or burning. I had to try to put his motions out of my mind so I could get to business with Tom's meat and have some hope of not being the first man out. I gripped Tom with my whole fist since the KY would afford me the ability to stroke him bulb to balls and with long slow strokes. Even though we had all been doing this sort of sharing for a long time I had never had the opportunity to grasp one of the other guys' cocks in any previous fantasy. Most of the time the men's fantasies would entail the women performing some sort of sexual action or the girls would have the men performing on them. This was truly new and unexpected but it was all the more exciting. As I slid my hand up and down Tom's tightly engorged member it was nearly impossible to ignore the great sensations I was feeling from having my own penis pumped by Rick. He began to increase his speed on my shaft and I knew I would not have much time. The four of us stood there moaning but otherwise silent except for the slithering sound of the two lubed cocks getting beaten. I looked down to my right only to see Bob performing expertly on Rick's Vaseline-glistening shaft that was pointing right up at my face. Pre-cum began to run from all of us in long sticky streams onto the floor. The clear fluid makes amazing lube and was being put to good use by Tom and Rick on Bob and my dry cocks. Tom was well into jerking Bob's dry member with the same technique Rick was using on me. The lube on Tom and Rick appeared to be giving Bob and I the upper hand as they were clearly doing more of the moaning. Mean while the girls sat around us on the furniture watching intently as we performed in unison slowly becoming more and more oblivious to their presence as the sensations rose. I faintly recall seeing my wife, her legs spread slightly apart while she delicately fingered her wetting pussy. Julie was so into the whole sight of this 'square' jerk she was almost pouring fluids out of her vagina while she kneaded her petite breasts and frantically humped the fingers of her other hand in and out of herself. Dana and Ella giggled and coaxed us on while they to took the opportunity to enjoy the arousal we were creating in their loins. Both wished out load that they could have some of our pre-cum for their own personal lubricant, but the intention of this fantasy was up to Julie, and she was in another world.
I was feeling pretty confident that I would not be the first one cumming as I could feel Tom's shaft growing with pressure in my hand. I continued to apply long strokes on his shaft making my hand fully engulf his purple bulb on each stroke all the way through my palm. I would then reverse and carry on down to has balls where I would slide all the way off his shaft onto his ball sack and then back up. He must have been impressed as his cock seemed to keep growing and growing with tension indicating to me that he must be getting close. Just then Rick's moaning began to get louder and his smallish six inch cock looked as though it was ready to explode through the skin. Bob began to stroke it faster and faster and continued to hold it pointing up at my face. His pre-cum was flowing steadily from his cock head supplementing the lube his wife had applied. I figured I better look away or I would taste his jism, which was soon to be blasting out of him. I was partially right. Just as I turned my head I could feel the warm wetness of Rick's cum hit me in stream after stream of slimy, sperm laden, ejaculate. But it wasn't anywhere on my face, side, hip or arm. Bob had managed to direct Rick's orgasm fully onto what had been my DRY cock up until now. Now Rick was able to use his own jism load as lubricant on my shaft, which was almost enough to put me over the edge right then and there. With Bob unable to continue jacking Rick he started to help him out with my cock. There I was with several ounces of cum on my shaft and balls, pre-cum spilling from me and now two hands working on me. Rick continued to stroke my shaft but now he was able to fully and with deliberate rhythm slide his whole hand over my member. Bob concentrated on massaging my balls delicately while he was still being expertly stroked by Tom now with enough pre-cum coming from Bob's cock to allow genuine sliding strokes up and down his shaft. I thought my time was up as I could feel my balls wanting to retract up in me readying for my own explosion. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the job at hand with Tom's now throbbing pole. I wanted to do the same thing to Bob with Tom's load as he had done to me with Rick's, but that would be difficult with my eyes closed. I opened my eyes and looked down at Tom's seven inches that was now so hard I knew it would be difficult to angle it down toward Bob's cock without causing discomfort and possibly prolonging Tom's orgasm. I would have to aim it just as he began to cum. I placed my motions carefully feeling Tom reading to shoot. Dana could be heard panting in the background probably doing a little of her own cumming right about now. She was loving the show her man and I were putting on and I wasn't about to disappoint her. I shortened the strokes I was giving Tom and quickened the pace. My own cock and balls were aching to release but Bob's fondling of my sack was keeping my balls from retracting (which makes my ejaculations way too easy). Tom's breathing got deeper and his body began to tense up. I could feel the canal running inside the front of his shaft swell as it carried his first load of liquid up his member. I pulled his shaft downward in attempt to aim it onto Bob's dry cock just as a huge rope of semen exploded from his cock head. Bulls-eye on one then another and another! This guy was loaded and he kept cumming and cumming. I gripped my hand tighter on the base of his shaft, squeezing the canal area and sliding up with quick strokes over and over as he let loose with no less than seven full ropes of glistening white semen, four of which made it to Bob's happily waiting cock. Tom knew my intentions and used the now slippery opportunity to really start banging on Bob's poor pecker. After all this I couldn't hold back any longer and let Rick and Bob have their win as I began bursting my juices forth just as Tom blew his last stream out the end of his shaft. Rick had no intentions of aiming my shots anywhere in particular as my own load splashed onto Tom's rib cage from the side I was standing. My hips bucked again and again as I tried to ensure I finished Tom off properly continuing to fully stroke his now subsiding erection. I don't remember ever having so much cum. Rick continued to milk my shaft as I was doing to Tom and the semen continued to run from my cock head onto the floor. The effect of Tom's semen providing lube on Bob's shaft was the same as on mine as he let loose with a guttural moan, letting go of my balls and grabbing onto Rick's shoulders to steady himself. Rick was positioned out of Bob's line of fire as Bob erupted equally hard as the rest of us, clear into the air directly toward his happily waiting wife's naked body. We watched as Bob jerked over and over, spurting his jism several feet with each eruption as Julie slid from her chair onto the floor to catch as much of his load on her tits and belly as she could. Four men had just created a collective cum pool that could have impregnated enough women to increase the world population 50%. We were all spent and happy for it, but the evening would not be over...



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