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Square Dance

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When I was in high school, I dated a lovely farm girl who lived in the town next to the one I grew up in. Dee was an active, fun loving gal that any guy would kill to be with. I was just lucky enough to call her mine. The summer of her senior year she took her senior trip to Texas with the rest of the class.

A week later when she returned, she was tanned up real nice and horny to see me. It was a Friday and I picked her up at the high school. She asked me if I would give her friend Rita a ride. I didn't mind since Rita was a knockout. They both jumped in my truck and I threw their bags in the back.

First we head off to Rita's house and both the girls climbed out to drop Rita's stuff off and say hi to her mom. Rita and Dee tell Rita's mom that I am taking them both out to dinner. So back they trot toward my truck and jump in again to head off to Dee's parent's farm. Once we got there, Dee explained she bought me a present and wanted me to wear it tonight. I thought, oh great, another crappy t-shirt saying something about some place I have never been before.

Dee drug me into her bedroom while Rita waited out in the living room. Dee handed me a little package and I opened it to discover she bought me a skimpy pair of see through men's bikini underwear. She was so excited and insisted I put them on right now. I reluctantly unbuckled my belt and dropped my jeans. Slid off my briefs and put these see through nut hugging low cut bikinis on. I noticed the front had a picture of a blue ribbon with some cute saying about being first place. Dee kept up the compliments and told me how sexy they were on me. She begged me to let Rita see them. I said no, but she ran out to the living room and grabbed Rita anyway.

Rita walked in and her mouth drops open and her eyes got real big as she stared at my meat. Rita's face turned red and it was obvious she was getting worked up. I figured the show is over and slid my jeans back on. While at dinner, I noticed these two sure were talking about sex more than I could ever remember and this kept me interested in them both with a raging boner the whole time in the diner.

After supper, they wanted to go drink beer and head back in town. So we went to Rita's house since her parents were gone for the evening. As we sat in Rita's living room, the conversation went from happy to somber.

Rita was a beautiful girl and she was beginning to cry because she didn't have a boyfriend. She ran off to her bedroom and Dee followed to try to comfort her. I sat there, sipping on beer wondering how long this is going to last. Finally Dee came out and said she calmed Rita down and Rita was going to come out in her Square Dance dress and show us her talents. I thought this ought to be amusing.

Rita came out wearing the most stunning, frilly dress I have ever seen. Her legs were shapely and the low cut on her dress revealed her gorgeous breasts. My boner was coming back. Rita being a little drunk, was quite free with her twirling and clogging. As she spun around, I noticed she had nothing on under her dress. Now my cock was pounding. I had the biggest hard on and it wasn't going away. Dee sat next to me and began to rub my cock's full length through my jeans. I knew I was close to cumming and Dee knew it too.

Pretty soon Rita stopped, seeming upset that we were paying attention to my cock and not her bare ass. She ran back to her bedroom and Dee got up to follow. Five minutes later Dee came out and told me Rita is upset because she is horny and no one is there to take care of her. Dee begged me to be a good friend and go into Rita's bedroom to play with Rita's pussy. Dee promised she wouldn't be upset, in fact she suggested we all get naked and play with each other. I jumped up and said we should go home.

Dee grabbed my hand and walked me back to Rita's bedroom. When the door opened, Rita was lying on her bed with her face to the wall and she was naked from the waist down. That was all it took. I walked up to her and massaged her legs and sat down next to her on the bed. She rolled over and looked me in the eye saying 'I have never been with anyone before, besides Dee'. Wow! I thought.

Dee stood me up and took off my jeans and Rita sat up and ran her hand over my cock through the smooth bikini undies I had on. The tip of my cock was popping out the waistband and Rita pulled my cock the rest of the way out. Dee began to strip as quickly as she could and before I knew it we were all three completely naked. My cock was oozing pre cum and Rita was smearing in on the head of my cock and then putting her finger up to her lips to taste me.

I slid my hand down to her cunt and began to lightly massage her while Dee masturbated herself. Rita was so sensitive she kept wiggling all over the bed and then would grab my hand to stop me.

Dee said 'let me show you how to do this.' I pulled my hand away and watched Dee work Rita over as Rita jacked me off. Pulling my cock toward her tits, she kept on stroking me. Dee then told me to climb on top of Rita and straddle her waist to hold her down. So I threw a leg on each side and started stroking my cock toward Rita's face as Dee slid several fingers inside of Rita.

Rita writhed and moaned to quick orgasm. She reached up and pulled my hand off my cock so she could take control. With a few good pumps, my load blew all over her face. Rita opened her mouth and pushed every drip of my cum into her mouth. My legs were rubber as I climbed off of Rita. Then I remembered Dee has been neglected this whole time. Rita and I laid Dee down on the bed so we could both work her over. Mmmmmmm......

Great night. I love Square Dance costumes.....



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