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Spying On My Son

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It was a Tuesday afternoon, and as is typical in autumn, Cape Town

was hot at a nice 27 degrees centigrade. I had been unemployed for six months and had trouble getting a job due to my age. At 54, no one wants an old man running a store! My wife runs her own floral business and due to its success we fortunately haven't had any financial problems, so I wasn't worried about being home. My eldest son Kevin, is in his final year in university and doesn't live at home. My daughter Sharon, finished high school two years ago and works in New York. Finally, the title character of my story Jason, my youngest son, is in Grade 12 and still lives at home.

Jason, who turned 18 two months ago is the very definition of a young man. He stands at six foot two inches, weighs 74kg, has blue eyes and dark brown, curly hair. A year of gymming has given him a fantastic lean build and broad chest. Always clean cut and neat, Jason is my wifes pride and joy. He has always kept to himself when it comes to the family but to his friends, he is the extrovert! Party going and at times footloose! Well, needless to say Jason and I haven't really bonded as father and son. Anyway lets get this story started...

That Tuesday I had intended to go and play golf with a few friends, but had cancelled because I just decided to do some woodwork in our

garage. Sometimes sawing wood and engraving helps me think and relax.

Well, it was 14:20 and I had heard the front door open and then close with a loud bang. I looked at my watch and figured that it must have been Jason coming home early from school. I finished up what I was working on and decided to go and greet him and let him know I too was home, as he no doubt assumed I was out playing golf.

It wasn't moments after I left the garage that I heard Jason's stereo

playing loud. He always had a thing for heavy metal!! As I walked up

the stairs to his room, he turned down the stereo and I assume he went to shower because I heard the water running from his bathroom. I turned round and headed back down to the tv room to watch the tube while he got down to showering.

I wasn't even watching tv for five minutes when I heard the water stop running and Jason walking around his room. Almost immediately the house phone rang and I heard Jason answer it. As is usual, he was on the line for almost 20 minutes when I heard him say 'goodbye' and hang up the phone.

That's when I went upstairs to see my son. His bedroom door was open

and to my suprise I saw Jason lying naked across his bed fondling

a full blown erection in his hand!!! I was so stunned and a little

excited that I just stood there staring at him. What a beautiful sight. His body glistened from his shower and his curved chest breathed heavily as a result of his excursion. I had never seen any of my son's naked since just before they reached puberty so I marvelled at his crotch. His member was cut, about six inches long, maybe as thick as my deodorant can, and rising from a dark brown forest of pubic hair.

His bed was facing away from the door so he had no idea I was there.

He just kept on stroking his penis slowly, and then in rapid sucession. He used one hand to rub his chest and play with his nipples then he would take that hand and return it to his treasure!!!

This didn't continue for very long because soon he was moaning and

groaning ever so lightly. Then he arched his back off the bed and

spread his legs to each corner. He grunted loudly and screamed as his cock erupted forcefully!!!!! Thick, hot ropes of cum erupted from his stiffy, four, five, six, seven shots had let loose.

I was so turned on and proud of my son's demonstration. I wanted to

see him clean up but just then my wife walked in and called out to

see if anyone was at home. My son bolted off his bed, still reeling

from his euphoria and I made a dash for our bedroom.

Needless to say my son (and wife) had no idea what I had witnessed

that day. I was ecstatic and embarassed as well. I have a good

marriage and am very happy, but the sight of my son being exposed

like that really got me hot. Maybe one day I will share my experience

with him...maybe!?



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