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Spying on Her and Filming It!

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This was amazing!!


I have lived with my girlfriend, who is 25, for the past five years. We have a good relationship, and she is open to trying just about anything, so I am quite fortunate in that regard, but things do still get a little boring at times.

Well the boredom came to an abrupt end when her younger sister, who is 19, came to spend a few weeks with us. Kim is a sexy little thing, and I knew I was going to enjoy her being around for a while. I work from home, but I do go out to see clients quite a lot, so I made every excuse to spend more time at home with Kim while my girlfriend was at work.

She would strut around the house in her bikini, well aware of the effect she was having on me. I have a small swimming pool at the back of the house and quite close to it is a secluded spot covered by a lot of natural foliage. My girlfriend and I have enjoyed ourselves many times over in that spot, secretly hoping that one of the neighbors might be watching.

I had some business to go and take care of in another town and so I told Kim that I would see her later on. I had been driving for about fifteen minutes when the client called to tell me that he would not be able to see me and that we should reschedule. I turned round and headed back for home, quite happy that I would be with Kim for the day again.

I thought I would just stop off and ask her if she wanted to join me for something to eat at the mall, so I didn't pull the car all the way up to the house like usual. I strolled up the drive and into the house but there was no sign of Kim. I figured she would be out back at the pool which meant I'd get to see her sunning that bod of hers which was a bonus.

I approached quite noisily so as not to startle her, but she never heard me because she had an MP3 player going on headphones. She didn't see me either so I decided to take full advantage of the situation and just watch her. She was reading a book and had her legs pulled up so I had a lovely view between her legs and my hardon began to interfere with my rational mind.

After about ten minutes of this I was getting pretty bored when I saw her hand head south and start lightly caressing the outside of her bikini bottoms. Well, my heart leapt and I was pinching myself in case it was a dream.

I was afraid that if she saw me she would stop and I did not want this to end so soon, so I headed for the house, grabbed my digital camera and headed for the neighbors yard so that I could peek over the wall with a litle more cover than on my side.

I had THE perfect view and got my camera into action. By now she had her hand in her pants and I could see her knuckles straining against the fabric as she gently massaged her pussy. I figured she might see me but would have a hard time seeing the camera, so I kept on filming watching the lcd display at the back for the action. Everytime I thought I saw her glance in the direction of the camera I pulled it down then slowly raised it again. After a while she pulled down the bikini bottoms, spread her legs and went for it.

I guess she started to get a little nervous that someone might see her because after a few minutes she took out the headphones, pulled her pants up and walked around a little like she was looking for someone. My heart was pounding and I decided to call it quits before my luck ran out.

I went back to the car, let it roll down the road a little, started up and made as much noise as possible when I drove in up to the house. I slammed the door really loudly and called to Kim who came out from the side of the house.

She looked surprised to see me and I told her that my meeting had been cancelled and that we should go and get something to eat. She agreed and said that she would need a little while to get ready. I told her that was no problem and headed straight for my computer and downloaded the footage. The resolution wasn't great unfortunately(cheap camera) but it was still great to watch her going at it, totally oblivious that she was being filmed. I took my throbbing cock out and blew a load of cum in four powerful spurts watching her finger her pussy.

I cleaned up and waited for her downstairs. We had a great meal and the whole time all I could think about was her doing herself and how I could go home and watch it over and over.

I know she found my porn stash on my computer and so I set about catching her watching it, but that is another story...



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