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Spying Felt so Wrong, but so Right

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Sorry if it's long... I like to be descriptive.


To start off, I lived with my Aunt and Uncle. My mother passed away when I was two from diabetes. My father was in Iraq, leaving me here for long periods of time. I had 3 cousins I lived with as well. A baby girl and a 4yrold. And then there was my older cousin who was 18. Let's call him Aidan (close to his real name). He was kind of short for his age. Maybe 5'6' and he was on the muscular side. He had a girlfriend and was hardly ever home. We were very good friends when we were together. He was very cute and charming, despite his height and was still able to get the hottest girls. My friends were always drooling over him when they came over. 'Your cousin is so hot!' He had done some drugs and was drinking when he went to parties. He even was on probation and went to another school for kids with behavior problems. I liked the rebel in him and sort of took after it. He eventually became a lot less wild when he found his current girlfriend.

When I was 14, I got a boyfriend who was older and hung out in the same crowd as Aidan and he had a car. I started to get into some trouble just like Aidan had and my Aunt was worried. I felt bad for causing trouble when she took care of me, but I couldn't control myself. I was having fun. My boyfriend, being older, had convinced me to lose my virginity at a semi-young age. So after a short while I was aware of all things sexual. I masturbated when I needed to.

One night after coming home from a night with my boyfriend, I went to the bathroom Aidan and I shared. The floor was soaked and it frustrated me. He must have just taken a shower. I realized some of my dirty laundry from this morning was missing from the shelf. I hurried to his room ready to yell for touching my stuff and his door was locked. I knew how to open it the way his mom did to get him up for school. He has the biggest room in the house for some reason, I think his parents only took the other because of the 2 closets. I saw him on the other side of the room and guessed he hadn't heard me open the door. That's when I realized he was on the phone with his girlfriend and he was jacking off. His girlfriend lived relatively far, and Aidan had no car at the time. I couldn't stop staring at his hand moving up and down on his very smooth cock. It was bigger than I would have imagined it to be due to his height. It was even bigger than my boyfriend's. I knew he would catch me and I should leave but I couldn't. Something kept me glued to the floor. He started stroking faster and I could tell he was close. Even though I wanted so badly to watch him shoot his load, I didn't want to be caught.

I went to my bedroom and almost ripped my clothes off. I was already super wet. I wet my fingers with my juices and started to rub my clit. I kept that up for a while and occasionally insterting a finger or two, but my only way of getting off was through clit stimulation. I orgasmed twice that night.

The next morning I confronted him about my missing laundry.

'Aidan, did you do anything with my clothes?'

He just looked into the other room. My eyes followed his and he pointed. There was a whole in the wall.

'You did that?'

'I was angry, anyway I wanted to make it up to my mom so I decided to do all the laundry in the house. Check the dryer.'

And then the phone rang. It was his girlfriend. I found my clothes and went to my room to get ready for a shower when I saw him still on the phone and headed for his room. I wanted to see if he would go at it again.

After a few minutes, I snuck in to his room as I did the night before. I was disappointed when I saw only his shirt off. I still hoped it would go farther so I decided to wait a little bit longer hiding behind the dresser next to his door. I was actually surprised he hadn't noticed me. Eventually I heard the conversation take a turn and he said, 'I wish you were here, too, I would fuck you for hours.' I heard a little moan through the phone. Then suddenly he was unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them down. He was becoming hard. His girlfriend was still talking, saying dirty things I guess. And then he put her on speaker phone. His boner popped out of the boxers. I was excited by just the tip and couldn't wait til he pulled the entire thing out. She started saying things like 'I want your hands all over me.' 'I want your dick in me now.' I was actually surprised by this as his girlfriend seemed so innocent, she never got in any trouble. And he finally pulled it out. He started to stroke it slowing and he let her know he started. She must have too because she started to let out little sighs and moans. They kept talking dirty, while she got bolder and he went faster. And finally after she was practically screaming into the phone at him, he shot all over. It went flying everywhere. They sat there in silence breathing heavily. I was half tempted to stand up and run over to play with his cum all over his chest. He told her he loved her and that made me realize what I was doing. My head cleared. I was scared I had made a mistake staying for so long. I wanted to leave before he could notice, but I was afraid if I opened the door now he would know. So I sat there patiently waiting for him to be distracted enough to let me leave. He walked over towards his bed to get the tissues and I ran to the shower jumping in as fast as I could.

I used the shower head and gave myself two more orgasms. I tried many times since then to find him jacking off but I haven't. He doesn't do it often. Writing this, I decided to give up on it. But I decided to share this with you all.



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