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Spurting for Frannie

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You're only young once.


A few years ago I met a crazy little British teenager on-line. I, in contrast, am a Yank, and was quite a bit older. She had just turned 16, which is the British legal age of consent. Her name was Frannie, and she lived in a suburb of London. I lived in a large city on the east coast of The States. In other words, our relationship was a Transatlantic one.

Although she never mis-lead me about her appearance, I cultivated an image of her in my mind as a svelte little black haired Taylor Rain look-a-like. When, in reality, she really was a somewhat plain, pudding faced, overweight, ginger haired girl. But the imagination can be a very powerful and stimulating thing.

This was my first sexual contact in approx. 10 years, ever since my divorce, so I was quite keyed up about it.

It didn't take too long after we first met for our e-mail conversations to heat up to being very sexual and pornographic. We had also just discovered ICQ and we would talk dirty to each other practically every day. She, at home after school, me, sitting at my desk at work with a hard-on.

That Christmas she wanted me to give her a phone call. We'd spoken on the phone once or twice already, and we'd exchanged home-made audio tapes of some of our favorite rock 'n roll songs, and on one of these that I had sent her, I recorded myself talking to her while I jerked myself off (I remember finding the element of danger, the possibility that her parents might find out, to be very stimulating).

But on this occasion I was over eager, and I expected Frannie to do a little phone sex session for me. I remember sitting, naked from the waist down on my futon, ready to start stroking. Well it didn't pan out that way on that day. We did have a few phone sex sessions a few months later, however.

Anyway, during this period of my life I was in the habit of hanging out at work all the time, even though I generally didn't get much accomplished. So I went in to work the day after Christmas. I was working for a small software start-up at the time, and the work area was completely open. It was a big loft like space with four long rows of desks running down it. The floors were varnished hard wood.

Not long after I arrived at my work place, Frannie came on ICQ and greeted me. I told her how disappointed I was that nothing sexy had happened the day before, and she said she was sorry it hadn't worked out the way I'd wanted. We started talking dirty, as usual, and then she asked me if there was anyone around at work. I told her there wasn't, and asked if she wanted me to take my pants off. She said yeah. I was quite apprehensive about the possibility that someone might come in and catch me, but I figured that I'd probably be able to hear anyone who was coming in through the front door in time to get my pants back on. One thing for sure, the element of danger definitely made the whole thing ten times more exciting.

Anyway, I was soon sitting at my desk naked from the waist down, jerking myself off with one hand, and typing with the other. Frannie asked me how it felt, and I told her it felt good. She then asked me if I was going to go all the way, to make up for the disappointing phone call the day before. Well, I have a sort of fetish about ejaculating in front of women, so when she said that, it really pushed me over the edge and my cock instantly swelled to intense bursting hardness and I pumped it quickly and tightly and in only a matter of seconds I was spurting a huge load all over the hardwood floor next to my desk. It was one of the most intense and memorable orgasms of my life. My cock had felt like an erupting volcano!

When I'd recovered enough to tell her I'd just cum, she was quite surprised. I told her I'd have to take a few minutes to clean up all my jizz, and she was cool with that.

I ended up flying to London a couple months later to meet her in person for a week during her school holidays. It turned out to be quite a bizarre little adventure. I'll write up some of it in a subsequent posting to Solo-Touch.



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