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Spurting for Anna

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This story is a fantasy about a cute young girl in her mid-twenties named Anna, who I met the other night while she was working in a coffee shop.


'You dirty old man,' she said, 'what are you doing?' I was sitting across from her. She was fully clothed while I was naked from the waist down. My cock was hard and I was stroking it in my right hand. I was completely open and exposed to her. 'I'm, I'm just enjoying myself, dear,' I said, somewhat breathlessly.

'You're a very dirty, naughty old man,' she said with a sly smile, 'You know you shouldn't be exposing yourself like that to a young girl like me.' 'Oh, Oh, Oh, please, but it feels so good,' I said, opening my legs a little wider and showing myself more proudly to her.

'You're a very dirty man to play with yourself like that, especially right in front of a young girl,' she said. Then she became serious, 'Do you like playing with yourself? I'll bet you do, I'll bet you play with yourself a lot. Just like a naughty little boy, you're always playing pocket pool.' 'Oh, oh, yes,' I admitted, blushing with shame, 'I like to do it, it feels so good, I can't help it, oh, oh!' A bead of cum formed on the tip of my purple-pink cockhead.

'Hmmmm,' she purred, 'I knew it, and I bet I know what else you like to do. I bet you like to go all the way and show young girls what you can really do, show them all you've got to give. Am I right?'

'Oh, oh, I'm not sure, not sure what you're saying,' I stammered, the feeling of warmth and pleasure spreading down the root of my cock all the way to my throbbing butthole.

'Hmmm,' she purred again, looking closely at my crotch, 'your balls look like they're getting awfully high and tight. I'll bet you're getting ready to show me how a big grown man like you really likes to enjoy himself.' She looked at me with a twinkle in her eye. 'But, but,' I stammered, 'but, but I feel too embarrassed to, to, to...'

'C'mon, don't be shy,' she said softly, 'just relax and let yourself go, I don't mind. In fact, I love to watch a man when he's really enjoying himself. I think they look so cute while they're doing it, so shy and embarrassed and eager to please. So, please, don't hold back, go on and do it, I want to watch.' I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I looked into her face for reassurance and she returned my look with a warm, friendly approving smile. She nodded and said, 'C'mon, you know you want to.'

I closed my eyes and started stroking faster. As I felt myself getting close to the edge, I heard Anna saying, 'ummm, yeah, c'mon, do it, yeah.' I let myself go and started spurting openly in front of her. I heard her squeal with delight when the first spurt shot out, 'ooooh, that's so cool!' she exclaimed, 'C'mon, show it all to me, give it all, I want to see everything you've got!'

I surrendered completely to my feelings and felt myself become a dirty, hot animal in front of her, spurting all my boiling hot seed as she closely watched as each thick glob spurted out of my most personal, private, sensitive and delicate organ. I shuddered with pleasure as I felt the last drops ooze out and I opened my eyes and looked into her face. She smiled and said, 'that was really excellent! You really came a lot for an old man. Almost as much as some of the young men I've watched recently.' 'Well, gotta run,' she said, getting up. 'It was a lot of fun!'

Then, as she was walking out the door, she turned and giggled, 'now don't forget to clean up your mess!' She smiled, stuck out her tongue at me and then was gone. I looked down at the floor between my legs and saw all the little puddles of my cum and then sighed contentedly. Then I got up to go and fetch the paper towels.



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