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Spurting Birdie

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Spurting Birdie
I have been masturbating since I was 13. But my first experience with another person didn't take place until I was 16 years old. It was with a younger boy who was a friend of the family. It didn't last that long but it was one of the best J/O session I ever had.
We were at my house by ourselves. We were just playing with the nerf basketball I had in my room. I was wearing sweats and a sweatshirt at the time. He was wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt. After a few minutes of playing nerf ball we both started to sweat. So I told Jason that I was going to change into some shorts and a T-shirt. He ask if he could barrow a shirt and shorts as well. So I lent him some. I first took of my sweatshirt, than my sweats. Than the phone rang so I answered it. I was just standing there wearing my tight white undies as I notice Jason staring at my cock area. I didn't have An erection at the time so there wasn't really a big bulge their, but as I hung up the phone, I notice it started to get hard. I guess just thinking of someone looking at you can get it hard. I was a bit embarrass at the time so I tried to cover it with my hand. As I went to my closet to get a pair of shorts for myself, I notice Jason started getting undress as well.
Now Jason at the time was only six years old, but I already notice he had a big bulge in his undies. I was curious because I can remember when I was at his age I didn't have that big a bulge. As I was standing there i was trying to figure out how I was going to get him to pull down his undies. But before I could think of an idea. He asked me if I ever play with myself just like his brother does. Pretending I didn't know what he was talking about, I asked him what he meant. So he said, he once caught his brother rubbing his birdie (that's what he called it) in the bathroom. So I said still acting like I didn't know what he was talking about, if he could show me what his brother does. He than pulled down his whities and out came a three inch cock that was already rock hard. He than started stroking himself. This made me really horny and my penis was about to explode out of my whitie tighties. I than went to the bed sat down and pulled my briefs off. He looked at them and said that my six inch birdie was alot bigger than his brothers. He than asked me if he could touch it, and as he grab my cock he immediately put it in his mouth. After a few seconds I warned him to move out of the was as I knew I was about to shoot out my cum. I grab my cock and started to rub it real hard, than all of a sudden, I felt the greatest feeling I ever felt while masturbating. After I finished shooting out my wad I returned the favor to Jason and gave him a five minute blow job that he really deserved...
I haven't seen him for a long time now, but I'll never forget that day....



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