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Spunky Jill, Congrats!

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What an absolutely delightful story, Jill. You going in the house with a wet seat and cum on your skirt and spotted by Mom. I laughed so hard I almost shot off in my pants.

How great to have an understanding Mom. I wonder how many of my girlfriends experienced the same unfortunate 'crime scene.' I will always wonder what excuse they came up with too. Not much out there looks like fresh spunk. Maybe they could blame it on a night-flying seagull that bombed them. Certainly worth a try.(Worth remembering too, just in case, ladies!)

My most embarrassing spunky adventure happened on a New Year's Eve. My bud and I had managed to twice take chicks to his house for make out sessions and both failed. On our last two while he had his girl in his bedroom trying and failing, I spent two hours feeling her up and deep tonguing with my chickeepoo pressed against the kitchen sink. After all that time teasing each other my cock was an 8-inch steel barrel hair-triggered to shoot and she had to have been dripping down to her knees.

When finally I suggested that we move into the darkened livingroom to lie down on the couch I was so hot I was very close to exploding.

As my girl laid down on the couch I unzipped, hoping for action. As I moved down with her she reached for me. Her sweet hand moved right into my pants and just as easily pulled out my steel hard six-shooter.

It was such a marvelous feeling that I literally exploded in her hand gasping and shooting like a machinegun all over the place. She just hung on for dear life.

And wouldn't you know, right then my buddy announced that he and his girlfriend were coming into the livingroom and turning on the light. I just had time to jam my shooting iron back into my pants when the whole room lit up.

Of course my girl and I were both flustered. She somehow got her dress in order and I tried to talk normally with the last dying gasps of my orgasm squirting down my leg.

Everything seemed fine until I turned to look at my girl. She was talking perfectly natural to my buddy and his girl. And then I saw it. A huge gob of my cum gooping down from the front of her hair.

All I could do was choke, grab my hanky and grab at that telltale gob of white goop, sputtering something like...Oooops, wait a minute!

Believe it or not, I was the only one in that room who saw it and knew what it was. I had grabbed it so fast not even my girl knew what the heck I was doing. Nobody else did either. Of course no one there expected to see my girl with that kind of hair ornament either, so by golly I got away with it.

Now, I wonder what her Mom would have said if she went in the house with a fresh gooper in her hair where I had accidently left mine.

That's why I laughed so hard at your account, Jill. We've all been there one way or another. Thanks so much for that great lover's tale. (I'm still chuckling and believe I'll just jack-off in fond memory of your fun and that spunky New Year's Eve with a young lady who knew exactly what I needed.)

(I bet you will always know how to work that magic with your hand on an eager young fellow's stiff cock, too. Go Gal, and we will all cum right along with you! Just aim us toward that wide blue yonder! Yippee!) How I loved those shoot-um-ups!



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