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Spring Morning

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First time writer; I love this site! This is how I spent my morning!


Spring has come full swing on the California Coast; light breezes lend slight relief to 90 degree weather, hills covered in green surround campus, and the beach has again become the destination of choice. Needless to say, the girls look terrific.

Even by my 10 o'clock class, the exceptionally hot weather has allowed for a dramatic change in clothing from winter, when baggy sweatshirts and boots prevailed. Now, tight, short jean skirts expose long, bronzed legs (hmm...don't we love tanning beds?); tight white Capri pants frame firm, round butts; bright, strained tank tops hug perky breasts both big and small; summer dresses fall loosely at mid thigh, bouncing with every step, while heeled shoes accentuate tanned, toned calves; colorful thongs peek out from the tops of jeans giving hints of what can be expected this spring. Men are happy.

Sitting in class my wandering eyes refuse to rest on the projection screen like they should, but instead jump from seat to seat. Smooth, exposed shoulders beg to be caressed, while ponytails and buns reveal soft necks pleading for light nibbles and kisses; slender legs are crossed delicately, the hem of each dress edging up, slightly, highlighting silky thighs, while lacy shoes show off perfect feet, enhanced by silver toe rings, beaded anklets, and pearly nail polish. The heat of the poorly ventilated room and the drone of the projector's fan lead me into a daydream (maybe also brought about by a lack of sleep due to last weekend's antics!).

Finally 11 o'clock rolls around, book bags are stuffed, people disappointed by test outcomes crowd the professor, while everyone else shuffles through the halls and into the sun. Making my way off campus and to my apartment, my walk is enriched by white smiles, cheerful 'Hi's!' and enthusiastic hugs. What eye candy! Up the stairs, through the door, a 'what's up' to the roommates and into my warm, darkened room. Sliding my window open with a familiar squeak, a soft breeze rustles the thin metal blinds, cooling my slightly clammy arm slightly.

Locking my door, I shed my white t-shirt swiftly, throwing it on to the ever-increasing pile in the corner of my room. Kicking my tennis shoes and ankle socks off, I take a seat at my computer still wearing an undershirt, boxers, and baggy linen shorts. Turning on some music and closing my eyes, I can't get those girls off my mind. Throwing in a porn that had made its way around my three roommates, I scoot my seat back slightly. With a smooth tug, my shorts and boxers are around my knees and quickly down to my ankles. My strong, toned legs spread apart allowing for a nice view and easy access.

Somewhat primed by the eye candy on campus, my cock rests nicely on the seat of my chair. Lengthening rapidly now that it is in the open air (and now that the hot moans of the movie fill my ears) I watch it rise, brushing against my right leg, further up, and further until it reaches its max, pointing away from my body, over the computer screen and at the wall. Pulsing gently in the air I take in the view I've seen on so many occasions. Freshly shaved this morning, it is very smooth except for a nicely trimmed triangle patch on top. 6 1/2' from base to tip it is not huge, but nicely proportioned. Just under 6' around, its thickness feels wonderful in my hand and has received compliments from various girls. Uncut, with a nice, big, pink mushroom head, two handsome strong veins run down the underside of its length, leading to two rather large balls encased by a soft, smooth sack.

Rubbing my right thigh and lower abs, my eyes resume their position on the computer screen. As a various blonde Vivid Girl with fantastic tits and a perfect ass takes a large cock between her lips I move my left hand lower, running my fingers over my swollen nuts. Squeezing them lightly my head tilts back momentarily as I take in a quick gasp of warm air. The gentle draft creating a wonderful sensation on my exposed, moist skin, I pull my undershirt over my head uncovering a nicely defined chest and abdomen (unfortunately, drinking gets the best of my six-pack, but the abs are still flat and firm).

My left hand moves back down my body, lingering in my short, black hair for a moment. Thinking about the sexy girls of the morning, I wrap my long, strong fingers around the middle of my thick erection. Grasping it firmly, it throbs harder against my palm and fingers as I begin to stroke it. Moving my hand up and down its entire length slowly, my foreskin rolling up and back down over my dark pink tip, I let out a slight groan. Looking back down at my handiwork for a moment, a drip of clear precum collecting at the tip of my exposed glans, I watch it drip down over my cock head. Still holding my rod with my left, I use the forefinger of my right to rub the slick precum around my plum shaped glans, leaving it with a wonderful glisten. Resuming my lengthy strokes my heart beat quickens as does my hand. My hand now flying on my shaft, my nuts bounce left, right, up, and down slapping against my taut, damp skin. Now slick with precum, my shaft feels incredible. No longer attentive to the video, I close my eyes imagining one of the many pretty girls from class kneeled between my legs, looking up at me with a cute smile, her soft, delicate hands replacing my rougher, large hands. Her fingers not long enough to enclose my engorged cock, she makes use of both, milking my rod eagerly. Her bottom hand clutching the base of my penis, her upper hand hurriedly caressing the higher portion, twisting gently at the very tip, I gaze into her light brown eyes, their beauty heightened by dark mascara.

Deep in my fantasy, and ready for release, my body tenses. My rapid, flurried strokes persist as my eyes pry open. Looking straight down at my rigid cock my ass tightens, rising almost completely off the seat as the first rope of warm, thick, white cum spurts out of my body with great force. As three and four more cords of cum spew out, my hips thrust up and down in an incredible orgasm. My thighs, lower stomach, and parts of my chest covered in cum, my orgasm subsides as the last droplets drip down my cock and my stroke slows. Holding my cock more lightly, now, I caress its length, squeezing every bit out of the tip. Softened slightly, it feels terrific in my drenched hand.

Picking up my undershirt, I wipe myself off slowly, as the men and women on screen maintain their terrific sex. My cock resting half erect on my thigh, I am ready for a nap.

Happy spring, everyone!



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