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Spring Break With Connie

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Connie and I became friends when I was a college senior. I was 21 and she was 26. She had been divorced for a year and was finishing up her degree. We had a couple of classes together and would get together between classes to study and joke. She was 5'8' and skinny as a rail. Just before Spring break I bought a new bicycle and she agreed to go riding with me that weekend. I was walking her to her car and she had on a gauzy shirt with the top three buttons undone. I couldn't help myself and all of a sudden I reached over and pulled her shirt back. I got a view of a boob that was not much more than a puffy nipple. Connie froze looked down at her chest then looked me in the eyes and smiled.

The next day I went to her apartment and we road for about an hour on a hike and bike trail. When we got back to her apartment Connie said she was going to take a shower and would I like to join her. Before I knew what was happening she was peeling my clothes off and leading me to her shower. She stripped and pulled me in the shower with her.

I was rather naive at the time but enjoyed what was happening. I loved scrubbing her and I really loved having her scrub me. She lathered up her hands and started scrubbing me from my asshole to the tip of my penis. She took a firm grip on my erect dick and said you do your thinking with this sometimes, don't you? I nodded. She said, I thought so.

We got out of the shower and dried each other off. The toweling process included much teasing and kissing. There we were standing stunned and naked in her bathroom. She looked down at my erection and said I'm not on the pill anymore, but I know how to handle that. She opened her medicine cabinet, grabbed some personal lubricant and said come with me. She had me lie on her bed with my legs spread. She slowly stroked my member while she worked her vulva up and down my thigh. After a few minutes the teasing was more than I could take and I came in her hands. She said now you can help me and pulled my hand to her crotch. She guided my finger to her opening and pinned my hand there between my thigh and her thrusting hips. It did not take long before she was shuddering in her own orgasm.

Both of us were spent and drifted off napping for a while. When I woke up Connie was stroking my hair and staring at me. She said I have not done that in a long time. I said that I really liked it. She said you need another shower. Take one, go home, pack a few clothes and come back here to spend all of Spring break with me. I did just that.

That week Connie would show me how she masturbated, then have me show her how I did it. It was a very wonderful experience.



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