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Spotted: Part 1

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This is the F half of an FF story. Hope you like it! Please comment if you do!


Hello! I'm Caroline. This is the third story I've written for Solo Touch, though I think only the first was published.

If you read my first story, you know what I love; anal. I love being stretched wide by a big toy or anything else really. I'm still a virgin, in the sense that the only thing that's been in my pussy have been two of my own fingers. Since my last story, I've had my first experience with another person, and here it is!

A few months ago, my family and I took a trip to Florida for a week. My cousin was getting married there, so we decided to take a little break from work and school after the service.

The first four days we were down there were tough. I live in New England, so I had a good deal of trouble getting used to the temperature change. I was surrounded by my family, being fitted for a bridesmaid dress, going through the practice ceremony, the real ceremony, the reception, and the dance. I was surprised how uncommon air conditioning was, but I was more surprised how I reacted to the heat.

Something about the hot air and being in a tight dress was really turning me on. Not only that but taking off a tight dress. When I got home from the reception I was tired and sweaty from dancing, so the first thing I did was strip down to nothing. I felt soooo horny. I hadn't had the chance to get off since a day before we left on this trip. Ever since I had been in too much of a rush, or I'd been surrounded by family.

I took a hot shower, thinking I could get off at least once before my parents got home (I left a little early, being so tired) but I ended up sitting down on a little ledge in the shower and almost nodding off. I knew it was too late for today, so I left the bathroom, lay out a few towels on my bed and falling asleep naked on top of them.

The next day, I woke up at noon. NOON! I'm usually the first to get up. Like on any other (vacation) day, I'd be up at seven or eight, before my parents. I guess they took the hint that I was tired because they left a note on my nightstand saying they were out for the day and I could call if I wanted to meet them somewhere.

I ignored the idea that they must've seen me naked if they had left the note in my room and got up. Since I was alone, I decided to stay naked, since it was so hot out. It felt hotter than normal.

I walked around the house for a while, looking through the cabinets and in the fridge. When I got to the fridge I saw there was a BIG assortment of veggies and fruit there. My eyes landed on a cucumber, and I felt a little twinge in my clit. Ohhhh how I needed a good cum.

I ran into the bathroom and hopped in the shower. It had one of those removable shower heads with a 'jet' setting on it. Most girls I read about use it a different way than I do. I turned on the water and bent over, holding the jet to my butt. After relaxing a bit, I felt water rush into my ass. It filled me up pretty quickly. After a few minutes I could have passed for being pregnant.

I waited ten minutes or so, then emptied myself in the toilet. I did this maybe a dozen more times. Twice was enough but I really liked the feeling.

Now, ready and still wet, I got the big bottle of lube I stashed in my suitcase. I was really ready to go so on the way to the fridge, I squirted out some lube, coated my ass with it and pushed the bottle up my butt with one push. It was a big bottle too (it said 16oz on the front). The entire bottle went inside me with barely any effort. I moaned and bent over, crossing my legs. I put a finger in my butt and felt the bottle. I pushed on it a bit and it kept going up. I didn't want to risk it getting stuck, so I pulled it out and set it on the counter.

I was literally dripping wet now. My ass was slippier than a wet bar of soap and my pussy was so wet that my juice had nearly dripped down to my ankles now. I would've killed for one of those fucking machines they show on porn sites.

I opened the fridge and got everything I might want to use out.

I put lube on everything and started to play. First thing I did was kneel down with my head near the floor and my ass raised up. I felt a little thump and reached back. My ass was gaping open! I guess it was from the position.

I took an orange and pushed it against my open asshole. It practically fell in! I loved that feeling of fullness so I took another orange and pushed it in my ass. I stood up now, rubbing my clit and walked around a bit. I could feel the oranges rubbing my insides with every step. I got a third orange and bent over, pushing it in me with the others. It was harder this time.

The fourth one took even more effort. I didn't think it would go in at first, but I felt the first three shift, making room for the next one. I felt them all slide up inside me and I nearly came right from that! I didn't want to stop but I was out of oranges, so I tried a grapefruit, but that was way too big. I guess I was just over optimistic.

Now apples! I pulled out the stems and began feeding my butt with more fruit. One went in pretty easily. Everything was really slippery still, so I put it on the corner of the counter, then sat down it. My butt cheeks separated and made way for the sixth piece of fruit which slid up into my anus. This time, I was looking at my belly. When the apple slid inside me, I felt the usual shift and could actually seem parts of my belly shift around as the fruit got pushed further inside.

That set me off. As soon as I felt my butt clench around the apple, I fell down a little on the counter, which rubbed up on my pussy.

I felt myself start to cum hard. I slid off the counter and curled into the fetal position on the floor, rubbing my clit, pulling my nipples and squeezing my tits, which felt much more sensitive than normal. Cum was pulsing out of me and my ass opened up. With each orgasmic pulse, my ass clenched and pushed fruit out onto the floor.

I lay there for maybe ten minutes, still squeezing my boobs and rubbing my hand over my soaking slit. Every couple of seconds there was a little orgasm aftershock, making my abs tense up and making me squirt.

I had my eyes closed the whole time and by the time I could stand up, it had been at least fifteen minutes. I was still really shaky and every minute or so there would be a twinge in my clit, making me hunch forward for a second and take a deep breath.

On the floor, there were six slimy pieces of fruit in what looked like a gallon of cum.

I made my way over to the sink and drank two big cold glasses of water. Then, I heard something. A knock on the glass door between the kitchen and the pool.

I jumped a mile high and turned to see a girl, about my age, in a bikini. She was smiling wide. I think she was laughing at how startled I was. My heart pounded and stood there for a second, not knowing what to do. She waved, still smiling and mouthed 'Can I come in?'


I'll put the second half up soon! I hope you liked everything so far!



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