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Sportscenter to Sporting Wood

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I had never really thought about messing around with another dude. That is, I hadn't thought much about it since jacking with my best bud in high school one night when we compared cocks. That was pretty hot. But I did't really think of it again until several years later, when another good buddy of mine and I started talking about 'hooking up' the next time I was in town on a business trip.
It all started via email when he was asking me when I would be in town next. Then it kinda got out of control and we were totally talking trash to each other.
To make a long story short, we made a plan to hang out the next time I was in town, which was going to be in about a week. I had this work dinner I was going to have to go to, but afterward, we'd 'hook up' to hang out for awhile.
Little did I know what 'hook up' was going to mean.
The night of my work dinner, I got pretty frustrated about work and how much of my life was spent schmoozing with suits. I bailed pretty early, considering that most people stayed to socialize until the wee hours of the morning, and I went up to my room and called my buddy.
He lived about 20 blocks away from my hotel, and we talked for a few minutes about where we could meet. I had been to his city a lot for work, so I knew it pretty well, but since I had an early morning the next day, I really wanted to stay nearby so I'd be sure to make it back to my room in one piece.
I talked him into coming over to my hotel so we could meet there and then find somewhere close by to hang out. He was already in his flannel pjs by the time I called him, so it took some arm twisting. But, he agreed to make the trek over to my hotel. It had been a long time since we hung out.
I told him to go ahead and throw his flannels in his backpack. I'm not really sure what made me say that, but hey, there were two beds in my hotel room, and it was getting late, so it'd be easier for him to just crash over there, right?
Well, anyway, when I hung up the phone, I turned on Sportscenter and got into my flannels. It was a little chilly in my room, so I went ahead and got under the covers, getting a boner just thinking about this buddy of mine coming over.
We are both very straight, so this was all very surreal to me.
I actually dozed off watching ESPN before my buddy got over. The next thing I knew, he was walking through the door. I had cracked it so he could come right in to the room.
He jumped up on the other bed and started watching Sportscenter with me. Pretty soon, after a few minutes of small talk, we were both sporting boners, wondering what was about to happen.
He said something about turning off the TV, and he reached over and grabbed the remote, taking matters into his own hands.
I told him he should put on his pjs and just plan to sleep over. So, he got up right in front of me and stripped down, putting a nice boner right there in my face!
He got on his flannels and started to get on to my bed. I told him to stay over on his...that I would come over there.
He laid back down, and I got up to go over to his bed. I got between his legs and started rubbing his crotch. I didn't quite know what the hell was going on, but it was starting to get fun!
After a couple minutes of rubbing him up, I had to see that cock again! I reached up to his waistline and pulled back his flannels, exposing his cock and balls. He had really nice abs and a great cock, average in size, but really nice.
Before I could think, I was putting my mouth on his cock. I put the head in my mouth and started working it with my tongue, really trying to get him going.
It didn't take long for him to start to moan and groan. I don't know who was enjoying it more - me or him! His cock tasted so good! The pre-cum was just what I needed to keep focused on his hot cock!
I worked his cock in and out of my mouth. I worked it with my tongue, taking it out of my mouth and licking up and down the under side. Then, I licked his abs, his pecs and his balls.
I repeated this routine a few times, until he just couldn't take it any longer. After a few minutes, I took his cock out of my mouth, and he shot his load all over his hot abs.
I was disappointed, because I really wanted to feel what it was like for a hot load to be shot down my throat. I wanted to taste his cum so bad! So, I licked and slurped it up right off his abs. It was so hot!
We played around for a little while longer, then we went to sleep on our separate beds. I woke up the next morning and could still taste his cum on my breath!
Months would go by before we hung out again.



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