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Sports Exam

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I love this site, but never had any decent experiences to share. anyway, this may be a little lame, but it is the first time anyone touched my junk when it was hard.


Yesterday, I went to my Doctor for my physical so I can run cross country this fall. The nurse did all the normal stuff, pulse weight height blood pressure, then told me the doctor would be in soon, to please strip to my underwear.

She left, I undressed and sat on the table. The door opened, and it wasn't the old guy doctor I usually saw, but a young fairly hot looking woman. I was uncomfortable thinking about how she was going to eventually ask me to drop my shorts when the dreaded turn your head and cough drill happened. The time came, she slid on gloves and I tried hard to focus on the eye chart, and not look at her. She was sitting on a stool, and I was standing sideways to her. She slipped a finger up under the skin on one side then the other. Then she told me she was going to examine my testicles for lumps.

She asked me if I was examining myself once a week in the shower, and I said no. She asked me to please hold my penis against my stomach, which I did. As she started feeling my nuts, gently touching all around first one then the other, she described what she was looking for, and what I should look for. She asked to reach down and feel the hard tubes on the side of my nut, and said, this is perfectly normal. Do not get concerned when you feel these. She then explained that it was not uncommon for those tubes to develop a condition in teens (can't remember what it's called), but that should I ever have a dull pain in that area, to make sure I get examined.

All her messing and holding my nutsack, combined with my dick being pressed into my stomach by hand, gave me a boner. I looked down and the head was sticking a good two to three inches over my hand, only a foot or so from her face. I was so embarrassed! She obviously saw it, and when she looked up at me, I stammered out an apology. She smiled, told me not to worry, that it not only was a normal reaction, it happens a lot. Then she said besides, its a good thing. Shows everything is working fine.

Can't say I was any less embarrassed, but she said, almost done, pulled my hand away, asked me if I had any tightness issues with my foreskin, then she pushed the foreskin back with her index finger and thumb. She said good, then with her fingers still holding my foreskin back on my raging boner, she said it appears that you have an abrasion here. Do you use lubricant when you masturbate? Jesus! I thought. Here I was standing with a pretty woman holding my boner a foot from her face, asking me about how I jerk off! I whispered no.

She let go of me, turned around and while writing on her pad, told me I could get dressed. She stripped off her gloves, threw them away, reached into her cabinet, grabbed something, and turned back to me as I was putting my shirt on. She handed me a tube, and said matter of factly, use this when you masturbate. You can get more at the drug store. Avoid anything not designed for this purpose, such as hand lotions or soap. Then she pronounced me healthy, signed the medical release form, and we left the room. As we walked to front, she asked me about what sport I was participating in, and wished me luck.

My mom drove us home, and within seconds, I was in my room, ripping my clothes off, and squirting the lotion on my hard dick. With great fantasies of the Doctor jerking me off, then giving me a bj, and finally leaning over the bed begging me to fuck her, I rubbed off one of the best orgasms of my life squirting a heavy load on my chest and stomach. It's been less than 24 hours since she held my dick, and I've cum five times to fantasies of doing her in the office. Think I'll go rub out another one, since I'm hard again.



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