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Sportcenter To Sporting Wood (My View)

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A buddy of mine, Casey, turned me on to this site a few years ago and I've been enjoying it ever since. Since he took the liberty of describing our first experience a long time ago together (Sportscenter to Sporting Wood, March 2003), I thought I'd give the other half of the story.

Like him, I'd never thought much about messing around with other guys. Some attractions pass your eye, but you never figure anything will happen, but for some reason we got to messing around over email, especially when he started asking if I had ever messed around with or touched another guy. We were both straight, so this got me intrigued, and we'd talk shit over the course of a few months. We were already out of college and in the working world. Some close calls came while on travel visiting each other on business trips. But it never really came to a head until we started emailing about 'hooking up' the next time we were in the same city.

Anyway, time came when he came around for some convention in my city. We had talked about getting together and hanging out, but it got late and I figured he was out late on work functions and I just turned in and went to bed. The phone rang and he asked what I was doing, and I told him that I was comfortable in bed and in no mood to be going out.

He then asked me what I was wearing and if I was hard. With that line of questioning, I perked up a bit. For some reason, he convinced me to head out into the cold of the night and hang out in his hotel room. He said to pack my flannel PJs just in case I wanted to stay over. So off I went into the cold night, wondering what the hell was in store, but strangely intrigued by the whole possibility.

He had given me his room number and I headed straight up and found the door open and just crept in. As always, he was watching Sportscenter late into the night. Dark room, just the flicker of the TV. I made myself comfortable on the second bed and we just lay there watching TV, talking nonsense. Since we had a couple of close calls before, I figured this was going to end in nonsense, unless I took things into my own hands. Nervously, I got off my bed, and started to grab the remote from Casey's hands and told him it was time to make things happen. I started to almost climb on top of him on his bed.

He looked at me, half-surprised, but half-knowing that this was going to happen and he told me to hold on. He told me to change into my flannels first. So I did. I undressed except for my white undershirt and changed out of my boxers into the flannels. He was watching me like a hawk the whole time, staring at my cock as I got out of my boxers. I made sure he saw it harden. After that, he told me to get on my bed and just close my eyes.

He took control from there. I just lay down and waited, for what seemed like an eternity. I felt the weight of his body get on the mattress just creeping over closer to me. Slowly with his huge hands he swept up the inside of my legs and opened them apart, half spread eagle. I could feel his chest creep up my crotch and then felt the brush of his crotch on mine for a totally hot moment. He then nuzzled up to my mouth and said 'I can't believe this is happening.' I couldn't either. He'd poke into my mouth with his tongue then lick my ear. His heavy breathing was hotter than I could imagine. He then pulled up my shirt and started licking my abs and chest, slowly working the nipples. Just the heat of his body next to mine was unforgettable. I lifted up his T-shirt and started massaging his chest and tickling his nipples. Tit for tat.

Next, he pulled down on the waist of my flannels and exposed my now rock hard cock. It was just twitching. He fondled my cock and working it up and down just flicking the head and caressing my balls. He seemed to take a liking to my balls because he kept caressing them while my cock just throbbed in the air.

I wrestled him down to turn him on his back this time. I crept down towards the foot of the bed to pull his flannels down from the feet. Slowly it revealed his supremely thick cock. I had never seen a cock that thick before. Slowly I worked it too, just flicking the head with soft strokes and stroking his throbbing cock up and down and I just took in the soft smooth tissue into my hands. I had never felt another man's cock and just marvelled at how smooth it was, just melting in my hands. I worked his cock just to hear him moan, just flicking my thumb over his head just to make him moan louder.

Thinking this would alternate all night, I let him get me back on my back. He massaged my legs and my inner thighs slowly working his way up to my cock again. Working it slowly and firmly. He started to rub up and lick my abs. The weight of his hands and the rest of his body on top of me was just amazing. I was moaning with ecstasy.

Over and over, he just worked my whole body, caressing it and just taking it all in. I let my mind wander and since this is the first time I had been with a guy, it all just got so hot for me. He caressed the inner part of my thigh inching up to my crotch as his chest moved up toward mine to start to lick my ear. He worked his way back down and as I just felt his hands grab my thighs some more, I just started cumming, without any control. I couldn't take it any more. I was so sorry I couldn't hold on any longer and cum while he was vigorously stroking my cock, but I just released several ropes onto my chest while he just watched.

I thought I'd just wipe up and start to work his cock, his turn, right? But then he just started to lick my abs and slurp up the cum from my abs and chest. We kissed and exchanged the funky smell and the last remnants of fluid as I just kept thinking to myself, 'I can't believe this! I can't believe this!'

After that, he just collapsed on top of me. His sweaty massive chest on top of mine with the weight just pinning me on to the bed. I could feel his heart beating just as fast as mine, hear his breath and his beard brushing up against my face. I was in heaven. Given our friendship, it was a strange feeling. I felt strangely connected, as brothers would, like we had shared some sort of secret moment that only guys could share.

I could have totally let the moment last forever just lying there and falling asleep, but somehow I was on the edge of the bed and felt I might fall over with him on top of me. Besides I felt I needed to give him a taste of the pleasure he gave me and stroke him off to completion. So I nudged myself up and started to creep down the bed to grab his cock again.

He covered up his crotch with his hands though and refused and just got up to wash up in the bathroom. I just lay there just wondering what just happened, and I'm sure he did the same. He went back to his bed and we just went to sleep.

Several months would pass before we even talked about it again. We would share several moments like that again, but none as earth-shattering or mind-blowing. Sometimes taking the experience a little bit further, sometimes awkward. We're both married now and both put all of that male-male experience in the past. We're both very happy with our lives and our new families. But I'm sure we both remember those moments as intense moments seared in our minds forever. A strange brotherhood.



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