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Spontaneous Combustion

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Another story from my youth. A free spirit meets the duty bound.


Lucy was petite and 19. She had the voice of an angel; a mind and smile that just wouldn't quit. Her raven hair was so dark it glowed cascading over her shoulders and half way down her back. I still pinched myself to ensure I wasn't dreaming as we hung together. I'd had friends, and girlfriends, but this was special.

I didn't want to jinx our relationship, so I had maintained a polite but hands off approach to her. We started seeing each other during rush week, and were inseparable out of class. We always got her to the dorm as the doors began their slow last closing.

I was smitten, and so was my little soldier. Most nights I walked her to her dorm, and hurried back to my room. Luckily, I lived in a single because as soon as I hit the sheets Rosy Palm and the five dancing digits were performing their magic up and down the most sensitive seven inches of my body. Often they did their dance more than once.

One of the things that attracted me most was her spontaneity. Yesterday, we were done with class, and heading to my campus job. Instead of the usual quick walk across campus, she took us around and off to a nearby city park. We were on the swings, slides, and other toys having fun. She climbed like a monkey and was at the top of the jungle gym in two bounds. As I scrambled to catch up, she headed across a high bar using her hands. Mid-span, she began swinging as though she were on a trapeze. 'Better hurry, you're my catcher!' she hollered. I quickly stepped in front of her, but (I thought) out of range. With a couple of pumps she swung forward and leapt into my almost unprepared arms.

We giggled and hugged, and I held her with arms around my neck, and legs around my waist. I mock-admonished her for taking the risk. She laid her head on my shoulder as though to pout. In an instant, I thought I had touched a live electrical wire. As she laid her head aside, she pointed her tongue and stuck it in my ear. Golly I was glad she was so short. Her tongue felt directly connected to my dick. If she had been taller her bottom would have definitely known the effect she had.

I turned my head, and that flickering tongue filled it. My first French kiss! I don't know how I stood, my knees felt like rubber. All I could do was experience all that was happening. The first was followed by more. 'Skip work,' she pleaded. 'I really need you to hold me.' Reality! 'You know I can't, but it is taking all my reserves to say no.' 'Good! I thought you were just cold. I don't want to mess with your money, so I'll save my kisses for later. You have to promise to pick me up after you're done. Bring the car and we'll take off where we left off.' With that she let go and pushed away. As I was regaining my balance and senses she turned and ran towards her dorm. 'Don't forget, bring the car around as the Brits would say.'

I have no idea how I made it to work, and doubt that anything I said or did was right. It was fall, but still pretty warm even after sunset. As I drove up to the dorm she was outside. She wore her woven poncho over a sleeveless blouse and very old and very tight jeans. I barely was stopped when she bounded into the car. 'Let's go back to the park.' 'Ok.'

Caution was my watchword. We did stop near the back where the dusk-to-dawn light was out. Caution was not her watchword. As soon as the engine died, she pulled me from behind the wheel and curled into my arm. 'You're a great kisser, you know?' 'Uh, no.' 'You are. I noticed you got pretty excited.' 'Oh, how.' She patted my lap a couple of times. Thankfully we were in the dark, because I really think my face glowed enough to light the night. 'That's ok, because I really got excited too. So much so I could barely wait for you to pick me up.' Before I had a chance to screw up and say something dumb she clamped her mouth around mine. It wasn't as unexpected as the first time, but just as effective. We hugged and kissed for a very long time. We both were sweating by the time we came up for air.

'I really got excited too!' she said in staccato breaths as she pulled my hand under her poncho. Her blouse was like a second skin. My hands roamed to her soft peaks. 'No, they're too sensitive, just around them.' She gave me a tour of paradise by pulling my hand across her body and pressing with varied pressure. I must have been a fast enough learner because she quickly relaxed and began to moan with each caress. I boldly tried to unbutton her waistband. 'No, I too am Catholic, and too sensitive, but it's ok if you stay on the outside.' I was out of control and slid my hand down her lower belly. I could feel the soft crush of her hair as I rounded the corner, she bent in the middle and grabbed my hand. 'Sorry too sensitive.' She took my middle finger and placed it along the seam in the middle between her legs. 'Round and round'. I NEVER felt anything so soft and soon wet, as I circled her breathing quickened. 'Don't stop...Don't Stop' she breathed. I almost didn't notice her hand grab my soldier as I soaked in all the feelings of excitement. 'Stay with me' and she began almost whipping her hand along my length. I tried to meet her circle for circle, beat for beat. Our breathing became shallow and matched. She thrust her hips forward. My finger sunk into her. She panted and squealed, 'YES! YES! YESSSSSSS!' I lost track after that as I blew my pent up excitement into my pants.

'Wow! Your pants are almost as wet as mine! Again?' ... OH YEAH!



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