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I have a number of stories about masturbating as I grew up. This is one of my chronicles.


I grew up in a very open home. Mom was single parent with a sexy attitude my sister and I grew to accept as normal. I was just turned 18, last year of school and coming up to a big, final swimming competition. Being an early bloomer I had height, size and strength that gave me a strong ability in sports. I was very competitive in the pool but didn't have much competition except for one student from another school. I only swam against him in big competitions, so this meet was it and I really wanted to perform.

Like I mentioned, being an early bloomer also brought another unwanted trait from a swimmers perspective. Hair. I had a pretty heavy cover from my waist down to my feet. My coach suggested I shave it off and get a new suit to be as streamline as possible. I had also begun to feel a little self conscious since none of the other swimmers looked like me.

So I went out and bought a new super skimpy Speedo. When I tried it on I could see it might be hard to keep my soldier in the tent so-to-speak, (LOL). I hadn't cum in days so my cock quickly engorged, filling the skimpy material to extreme. Good thing the stuff stretches. I then really realized how much I needed to shave since there was now hair sticking out both sides around my crotch.

At home that night I got out the electric shaver and began shaving my legs, working up toward the top. I soon found it was hard to see around the back of my thighs and ass to make sure I wasn't missing anywhere. Just then my mom walked in to see what I was up to. I told her what the coach said and she agreed to do my backside. She started but thought it would be better if I were laying down somewhere. She covered our big kitchen table with a beach towel and I laid face down on it.

Mom proceeded to shave all the back of my legs right up to the edge of my new suit on my ass. If it weren't for the slight pain each time a hair got pulled a bit I would probably have a raging boner from the shaver's vibrations. Mom worked away and then suggested I should remove my suit so she could do my ass properly. I complied, still laying on my stomach as she shaved away. 'OK' she said, now roll over so I can do the front properly. The front! I told her I had done the front. She said, 'well you're going to have hair sticking out all around your crotch so let me trim it up for you' in a nonchalant way.

Now remember we had a pretty open house hold. Everyone had seen each other naked lots of times, but not really close up and definitely never any touching! I felt a bit uncomfortable lying on my back fully exposed in front of my mother. Especially if I were to get a hard on. My mom proceeded to shave my inner thighs right up to the area between my balls and ass. That's where things got interesting.

As I lay there fully open to the world, my arms dangling over the sides of the table as my mom began to shave around my crotch. She gently and slowly moved the electric razor through the thick hair beginning below my belly button, working down to just above my cock. I remained soft but things were beginning to 'look up' as she finished most of the long hair and began to trim the second part real close. Now there wasn't any slight pains from pulling longer hairs. Just the vibrations from the razor now starting to feel absolutely amazing.

Well, at 18 it doesn't take long to raise a boner (LOL). My cock was very quickly long and thick right there in front of my mom. She didn't seem to bat an eye and continued to shave away all around my groin area. I closed my eyes and attempted to control my urge to grab my cock and get some real enjoyment out of this. My cock was literally pulsing away on its own, now pumping a steady stream of Pre-cum onto my stomach as I just laid there still, taking it all in. I could feel the shaver move down between my legs onto that area called the perineum. OH-MY-GAWD! Did that ever feel amazing! Then I noticed the shaver just seemed to be resting there, the back of it against my skin. I opened my eyes and looked at my mom who looked back at me with a sweet, innocent look. Then it donned on me... she wanted to make me cum! She WANTED to see this! Holy shit!

The realization of this just made me SO HORNY. My cock was ready to explode! I wanted to grab it and pump it right there but didn't know for sure what mom would think. It was throbbing so hard... then my mom pressed the shaver into me harder, pushing it up toward my balls. THAT WAS IT! I could feel my cock stretch with a spontaneous spasm, readying itself for an explosion of ejaculate. My mind raced to figure out quickly what to do. I wanted to pump out this amazing buildup of cum but then I thought I shouldn't in front of a parent, but I couldn't control what the body wanted to do on its own. Just as I thought I could hold out, my cock spasm-ed again. This time I recognized it was going to happen, NOW!

Without touching myself anywhere I could feel the spasm reach deep into my balls and pulse all the way to the tip of my member. I huge ooze of pure cum spilled out of my cock head. My mom pushed the vibrating razor a bit more into the base of my balls. I couldn't take it any more. I reached for my cock with my left hand and grabbed it hard, simultaneously and spontaneously my hips thrust my cock into my hand as though it was reaching for something. I began to cum like a fountain, spewing forth a steady stream after stream of cum. They were so forceful I could feel them landing on my face over and over. I pumped my cock once for each spastic thrust of my hips, shooting long ropes of liquid all over myself. All the while my mom just held the vibrating razor firm to my balls.

After what seemed like minutes of cumming and cumming and cumming I opened my eyes and eased off pumping myself. My cock was still hard and really red. There was cum all over me. On my face, all over my chest, pooling in my belly button. My mom removed the razor from my groin and simply said, 'well I guess we're both done'. She left the room and came back with a warm wet towel. 'Go take a shower', 'Then I can do the close-up shave with shaving cream, or would you like me to do that again another time'?

The words 'again another time' struck me... more to cum!



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