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Spontaneous (2)

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It was after my mom had purposely made me cum while shaving my lower body in preparation for a swim meet. We didn't say anything to each other. I couldn't get it out of my mind. Especially the part where she said, 'would you like me to do that again another time'?

It was still several days to the swim meet. Although all the hair on my lower body had been removed with an electric razor, what was left was a bristly stubble. I shaved most of what I could reach by myself but still couldn't do a neat job of my rear/back.

I knew my mom meant what she said as far as helping me shave went, but I couldn't help wondering if she intended to help me get off again. I wondered what she would do as an electric shaver was no longer necessary. Would she actually jack me off? Was I reading something into what she said? For gawd sakes she certainly knew what she did to me last time! How should I react?

It had been a couple days since our 'event'. Mom and I were home alone and I couldn't take it any longer, I had to find out what her intentions were. I figured I would push the 'needing to be ready for the swim meet' issue with her. I finally, openly, asked her if she would help me shave off the rest of the stubble from the other night. 'Oh, you learned how to talk again', she said. I told her I was pretty confused about what had happened and didn't know what to say. My mom said she understood and apologized if it made me feel awkward. She then told me to get undressed and meet her in the kitchen, she would get the towel and shaving stuff.

I stood there with only my underwear on. Mom spread the towel on the kitchen table and told me to take the gotch off and lay face down. I did and she proceeded to apply shaving cream to the back of my legs and ass. As she did so she gently told me why she did what she did the other day. Mom explained that as soon as she noticed my erection she herself became aroused. She said that my cock was pulsing so intensely that she couldn't believe it. At the same time she said she was desperately trying to get the shaving job done, knowing I really needed it done. She said she thought I might make it through then simply go and masturbate myself for relief but as soon as all the Pre-cum began steadily oozing she knew I would cum. And that's when she said she decided to help me out. I told her it was the most amazing sensation I had ever felt and thanked her. My mom then said 'you're welcome' and that she was done the back. 'You can go finish the rest if you want'

I sat up then on the kitchen table. My cock was semi erect, I looked down at it and said softly, 'any chance you'd be interested in doing the front too' in a pretty pathetic, kiddish manner (LOL). My mom chuckled, 'you think that would be appropriate son?' I quickly chirped, 'well, you started it!' She chuckled again, 'I guess I did, didn't I. I guess that means I should finish it', as she gently pushed my shoulder back for me to lie down on the table.

I lay there and closed my eyes again. This time the sensation was my mom's hands gently applying shaving cream, first on my thighs and lower abdomen. I was anxiously hoping this wouldn't be all she intended. The anxiety managed to thwart my member's attention, keeping it semi soft. My mom worked the razor blade carefully removing all the stubble until only my groin area remained. 'OK', she said gasping a breath. I then heard the shaving cream can spray and felt her soft hands begin spreading the foam all about my balls, groin and just above my cock. My cock jolted to the touch. It had never felt any hand other than mine. My mom seemed to work quickly. I think she knew she wouldn't have much time before I was fully aroused and ready to blow! I could only detect the ends of her fingers ever touching the skin of my penis as she carefully guided it around to get the shaving done around it. 'There', she finally said, 'all done'. I was disappointed. Mom quietly left the room. I thought that would be it so I sat up and grabbed my cock. I thought to myself that if she wasn't going to do it for me, if she decided to come back in she was going to see me do it again!

I began slowly pumping my cock, bringing it to full, engorged erection. Just then I hear, 'hey wait a minute there boy!. Don't I get to finish what I started?' My mom had returned with a bottle of baby oil in her hand. 'oh, ya, sure' is all said as I laid back down. My mom spread an ample amount of oil on the front of my legs and groin, then slowly began to work it in.

Her hands were soft yet strong. She said quietly as she worked in the lotion, 'this will help keep you smooth and soft for a few days'. Emphasizing the word soft as she cupped my balls with her oily hands. 'OOOHHHHH WOW!' blurted out of my mouth as she began running her fingers over my throbbing cock. She knew what she was doing! She slowly caressed my cock up and down its length, putting just enough pressure on it to send electric sensations throughout my body. I was in heaven...

It didn't take long for me to reach the same plateau that happened a few days earlier. I needed to cum and it was going to happen. My cock was stretched to the max, bulging balls and throbbing purple head gleamed with the oil my mom was rubbing all over it. She encircled the member with her fingers and slowly brought up the pace, each time she reached the bottom she would run her cupped fingers over my ball sack and then back up to the top again. I was juicing pretty good now. My breath was deep and fast. I could feel the coming outrage... My cock began its spasm while my mom continued to stroke. She knew I was ready and just kept making slow methodical strokes with a medium to light touch, letting the sensations bring me to orgasm instead of the pumping. OOHH MAN this was awesome! My body began to uncontrollably shake and jerk as the fountain of cum erupted from my cock! My mom kept going, making sure I emptied everything I had. It was a replay of the last time. Cum spewed all over me. I heard my mom comment on how far I shot both times.

Her expert hands kept slowly milking my cock and balls until every bit of fluid that wanted out came out. Then she playfully jostled my softening member saying in a gasping voice, 'there you go now, all done again. I think I'm going to excuse myself now and look after my own matters'.

I was still on high and didn't get that last comment until later on. I had just had two amazing masturbation sessions with my mother and couldn't believe it. Now as I sat there wiping myself off I realized she was in the other room getting herself off. I wondered if she wanted me to help out?

More to cum...



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