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Hello my name is Ralph , I have been reading contributions to this site for awhile. And figured it ws my turn. I am a 16 yr old male. My father is rather old, so he grew up with sex and drugs. I am proud to say he dropped the drugs. I learned of sex at a fairly young age because of this.
My parents were very giving in thier knowlegde of sex and masterbation through my years. Well anyway, my father orders playboy and the spice channel on his big screen t.v. downstairs in the living room. I have relaxed my self many times to these two channels. Well These shows can also come up handy other times as well. When I was about 14, I had a friend come over to my house and we went swimming at a local pool. Things heated up there a little, but not too much.
Well when we got back to my house there was a note on the door saying that my parents would be out till late that night, so I got an idea. I told my friend Kara to come in and just chill. I went up stairs in my room to change, and she went into the bathroom. When I returned downstairs she was watching T.V. I told he that we got HBO and all the other movie channels if she wanted to watch a movie.(I saying this knew she would run across either Playboy or Spice.) She started to flip through the channels and found Spice. She then started to giggle. I said "What? Is there something wrong?" She replies"No."
I figured she would then change the channel and look for a movie. WRONG! She stayed on the same channel and watched intensly, as if she was intersted. She then looked over and noticed my erection and started to tease me about it. So I had to make this stop, and I told her "I have to use the restroom." She then giggled again and said " What's the matter arent you man enough to take care of your buisness out here in front of me?" I then replied, " You would faint at the site of it!" She then says, "Oh yeah? Wanna make a bet?"
I then walked over to her and said "what kind?" She points to the T.V. and tells me to do what that guy is doing. I then replied, "So you want me to Jack off right here in front of you, so you go and tell the hole school and make me look like a fool?". "Well I will make it fair." She Says. "We can please each other then nothing should get out" I said that was cool with me. She then started to take off her shirt and bra, And told me to take off my pants. I did and she pulled down my boxers while I couldn't help but stare at her breasts. She started to jerk me untill I told her she wan't gonna get anywhere without a Lube. So I went up to my room and got my lotion.
She then started again, and boy did it feel GOOD. As she kept jerkin me, I sat beside her and started to pull down her panties. I noticed she was well trimmed. I started to slowly finger her lovely pink pussie. I told Her I wanted to take it 1 step farther. She asked me how far? I went up stairs to my parent's room and pulled my mothers vibrater then went downstairs. When She saw the Dildo a smile stretched from ear to ear. I told he if she would give me a blow, I would use the vibrater on her at the same time. I laid on the couch back down, and she climbed over me and started to get to work on my now throbing erection. I turned the vibrater on medium and went to work. I would take turns between the vibrater and my tongue being in her pussy.
Next thing I knew I heard my Mother pull up. I told her to get her clothes and run up stairs with the vibrater and hide in my attic. When My door closed the fron door opened. My mother did catch me on the sofa with my lotion and the Spice channel on. But she told me we would talk about it later, my father forgot his wallet. She grabbed his wallet off of the table and left. I then went up stairs and sent Kara home with a kiss goodbye. --Ralph



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