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Sperm Sample

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When I was 17 I had a physical exam for the military as all Austrian males that age have to undergo. During that exam a female doctor detected a varicose vein on my left testicle. She said that it was small and probably not doing any harm and if it didn't hurt nothing would have to be done at the moment. She said I should watch whether this vein got any bigger and if so should go and see a urologist. Of course I didn't. This vein which is a sort of little lump right above the ball didn't bother me that much then; when I started college (age 20) and moved away from my parents to the Austrian city Graz I decided that it was time to get rid off this thing on my testicle.
I went to see a urologist who turned out to be a rather mean looking doctor in his late fifties. He had me undress. I had to take everything off except my shirt. As I stood in front of him, his hand on my balls, he told me to cough twice. He then pulled my foreskin all the way back. The whole procedure was okay, I wasn't embarrassed or anything. Then, however, he said that he also wanted to check my prostate gland. Up to then I had no idea what he meant. I saw him put on a rubber glove and get a tube with some sort of liquid out of a drawer. He told me to stand close to the examination table. The doctor said I shouldn't worry, this wouldn't hurt. My thighs touched the bed, I felt the rough paper towel scratching the tip of my cock. The doctor explained that he would now insert his finger into my anus to check this gland. He told me that this procedure would be much easier if I lifted my right leg onto the examination table. I did what he told me and started sweating as I felt embarrassed. His finger was quite warm on my butthole and it wasn't very painful as he pushed in. He mumbled something behind my back and I not only felt his finger in my ass but also a familiar twitch in my cock. To my horror I sensed that my cock actually sort of started to get hard. I stood there, my butt up in the air, his finger deep in there, my cock rubbing on the paper towel - I remember trying very hard not to get an erection and not to make a sound. He said that everything was 'young and healthy' and pressed hard on the gland. I felt as if I had to pee. He withdraw his finger, went to the sink and told me I could get dressed. As I took my leg off the table I saw that my cock had left a big wet spot on the paper towel and that there was a string of precum dangling from the tip of my cock. I quickly got dressed trying to avoid that he could see my semi-erect cock. Afterwards the doctor said that the vein would be surgically removed.
I want go into details about the operation, it took place a few months later at Graz University Hospital, they shaved off my pubes and made a small incision right above my cock. I few weeks after the operation I had to report at the hospital for a final check up and a sperm sample. I was quite nervous about the latter - the doctor at the hospital had told me that I before I gave the sample I had to follow a 5 day period of rest. I didn't understand at first, he smiled and said 'no sex for five days, not with your girlfriend, not with yourself, okay?' I nodded embarrassedly. I didn't have a girlfriend nor did I want one. But since my early teens I had pretty much jerked off daily. Of course, I didn't masturbate these five days before I had to give the sample. 'Give a sample' was a nice way of saying 'can you come to hospital with a heavy load in your balls, go into a room and jerk off, while some doctor knows you're there in that room wanking away, and then show us your cum.'
My appointment was at 10 in the morning, I remember I got there directly from college as I had a class before that. In the waiting area were a few older men and just 2 women. At the registration desk was the only other young guy waiting to be helped. I stood right behind him and waited also. The nurse asked his name, I thought he looked good, baggy pants, tight shirt, probably my age or a bit younger. 'Matthias Regner.' She found him on her computer, I could definitely hear her say 'a sperm sample' and then she told him to wait till he was called. Then I was told the same. Somehow it felt strange to know that this Matthias guy was here to jerk off and somehow turned me on. I sat opposite of him, he was obviously not feeling to comfortable waiting for what was to come here at the urology department. He was blond and cute and his Adidas sneakers looked new. Once he looked at me and sort of smiled. Obviously he wanted to get this over with quick and leave. So did I. He was called into room 304. During the time he was gone I couldn't help but imagine what he must be doing at that moment. About 25 to 30 minutes later he walked through the waiting area towards the exit. He didn't look at me anymore. My name was called right then, my heart jumped and I had to show up in room 304. A friendly male doctor leaned over some papers. I could see the papers had my name on it. Next to these papers there were others with the name 'Matthias Regner' on them and there was a glass plate there as well with huge drops of what was obviously cum. I couldn't believe that I saw this Matthias guy's cum right there on that glass. I was really nervous and tried not the stare at what I really liked to have had a much closer look at. The doctor then turned to me, smiled, and then told me to follow him. He led me to a small room opposite room 304, there was a sink, an examination table and a desk in it. From a drawer he took out a sort of glass plate which I had just seen on his desk. The doctor smiled again, said that I shouldn't stress myself and take my time. He said: 'Your semen should be on here when you're done.' He put the glass on the desk next to some magazines which I now saw were porn mags. 'This might be of help', he said pointing towards the mags. Before he left he told me that I should 'afterwards' bring the sample to room 304.
Now I was alone in this room. I thought of Matthias Regner and what he must have done in this very room only a short time ago. In my mind I saw I clear image of this blond boy, his baggy pants around his ankles, leaning on the desk and jerking a - what my imagination said - big, young cock. I quickly looked at the magazines, they were all straight and one lesbian magazine. I knew I wouldn't need them really. Matthias in this room, the cum that I had seen was sexy enough. I undid my pants and pulled them down. Only now did I realize that there was a window in this room as well but I saw that it was not see through but sort of milky. I pulled my underwear down. My cock was already semi-erect. I briefly grabbed my balls and squeezed them. My cock responded right away. I knew it was no problem at all to come in this hospital environment. I hadn't shot a load in five days and then this Matthias kiddo. Half a minute later I stood there, my pants around my ankles, stroking my cock. I had a nice amount of precum making my cockhead glisten. This wouldn't take long. If I wanted I could shoot any time. I swallowed and gave my cock a rest. I had my foreskin pulled all the way back and it felt good. I grabbed the glass plate which was I found strange because it seemed impossible to get your load on it - it was flat and had hardly any rim, if they gave you a tube or something it would be much easier. I held the glass to my cockhead and started to masturbate again. It was difficult to decide how to do this best, I was jerking fast now and knew I would come any second. I bit my lower lip, stared at my cock and watched as one jet of cum after the other shot out. The first one shot way over this silly glass plate but I then managed to get the rest on it. I had a good orgasm but not that enjoyable because of this plate stress.
After coming I quickly pulled up my pants and took a paper towel from the sink to clean up my cum on the floor. I now wanted to really quickly get this over with. I didn't even take the time to wash my cock, just took the glass and left the room. I was actually quite proud of my load. It looked a lot on the plate and one jet was even missing. I quickly knocked and opened the door right away as I didn't want to be seen running around with a plate of cum in my hand. There were now two doctors in the room which I didn't like that much. I just put the glass down on the desk. I saw that both doctors looked at it. The doctor who I hadn't seen before then said: 'Okay, Herr Schneider, we'll get this checked in the lab right away. I would like to have a look at you, however, before you leave.' I was totally shocked - did he mean that I should take my cock out now. I panicked because I knew that I hadn't even dried my cock. He saw my reaction and said, I shouldn't worry at all, just a final check up how the vein did now. I don't know why I didn't say that I wanted to do this a bit later, I just started to undo my jeans. I felt so embarrassed, I was about to show my cock which had just shot the hugest load only about 2 minutes ago. After I come, my erection goes down slowly and often there are some drops of cum oozing out a couple of minutes later. I was mortified but stretched the elastic band of my underwear and pulled it down to my thighs. The doctor came closer, the other wrote something. As he squeezed the vein right above my left testicle, I looked down. My cock was still semi-erect, clearly showing the signs of the previous action. The veins were thick with blood, my foreskin pulled halfway back and to my complete horror there was cum on my very red cockhead. I was so embarrassed. The doctor, however, didn't seem to mind. He checked first my left ball. He said the results of the operation were good. I could smell the strong odour of my own semen. It was all in this room. As he squeezed my right ball he caught (without saying anything) with some sort of tissue the dangling drop of cum off my glans. He briefly held my semi-erect cock with 3 fingers, pulled the foreskin back and then squeezed forward. He wiped the big glob of cum with the tissue, then through it in a waste bin and with his back to me he said: 'Okay, Herr Schneider, the results are perfect. That vein shouldn't bother you again. That's it. Bye.' Needless to say that I quickly pulled my pants up, mumbled bye and was out of the room in a sec. When I got home the embarrassment was gone but the experience turned me on. I didn't go to any classes that morning, just lay on my bed and shot two more loads thinking of Matthias Regner and the doctor holding my cock full of cum.



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