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Special Time With Sisters & Their Friend

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Special time with sisters and their friendby Anonymous
After reading some of the other experiences, I do not feel unusual but did have an experience that I considered "special" and willing to share.
To set the stage, I was a younger brother with two older sisters. At the time, I had just turned 14, and had some pubic hair around my penis and was just beginning to show my new sexuality. "Melody" was the older of my sisters and was almost 18 before her senior year in high school. "Steph" was just turning 16 that summer, and had always been much closer to me, but also obviously enjoyed torturing her younger brother. I had been masturbating for a little while. I really don't remember the first time, except that I had heard friends at school talk about "beating off", but never really seen anyone else do it or really discuss it. I just knew that it felt good, and that my dick got really hard when I thought about women's breasts and when I had seen some pictures in men's magazines. I knew some limited basics about "the birds and bees", but really did not know about the pleasure part of sexuality such as orgasms. I had a basic understanding that women had an opening named a vagina, but had not seen the anatomy up close. My family was accepting of seeing occasional nudity, but was still fairly private.
We lived in a nice upper middle class two story house, with each child having their own bedroom. Melody had a room in the basement off of a family room, while Steph and I shared adjoining rooms and shared a bathroom. I could remember sometimes taking showers with Steph before she went through puberty, but it had been some time since I had seen either of my sisters naked. It was summer break, and we all were part of a community swim team. I remember worrying about getting an erection in my tight swimsuit, particularly with some of the nice looking girls that were on the team. This was particularly true when Melody's best friend (Lisa), would be at practice, or come to our house after meets. Lisa lived about 2 blocks away, and her parents had a small swimming pool at their house. Our families were friends, but mostly it was Lisa and Melody that hung out together, as they were the same age and attended school together. Sometimes they would invite Steph to go with them, as she was now "older" and in high school.
Melody had developed the mature physical body of a beautiful woman, and certainly caught the attention of some of the guys at the pool. Her friend Lisa however was truly sexy - long blond hair with a much fuller bust. Steph was obviously developing a set of breasts, which she proudly exhibited in her bikini and tight t-shirts. She wasn't as big as the older girls, but certainly was enough to make any guy look twice.
Usually I would masturbate in my bedroom when I thought I was alone, or at night. Sometimes I would just think about some of the girls at the pool, or sometimes look at a magazine to get excited and stroke my penis to delight. It was not unusual for our parents to go over to neighbors for dinner and drinks in the evening during the summer, and leave dinner for the kids when we returned from swim practice. On evening I had come home early from practice, and thought that I would be alone for a while. I had gone into my bedroom (but accidentally left the door ajar), and began to masturbate thinking of the tight butts on the girls at practice. Melody had gone to Lisa's house for dinner, and I did not expect Steph to be home for a while. I was stroking my erection when the door burst open, and my sister squealed "caught you". I was horribly embarrassed, but unable to do anything but try to hurry and pull my trunks back on. I didn't know what to say except that she shouldn't tell anyone. She was very cool, and remarked that she heard that "all the guys do it". She thought that I might be excited by the way that I was looking at Lisa's breasts at the pool, and that she had wanted to see what happened. She then told me that if looking at them in her suit had me excited, that she thought that I would go crazy if I saw Melody and Lisa swimming topless over at Lisa's pool. She told me that the three of them had done it one afternoon last week when they were alone. Just hearing about it began to bring back my erection. She also told me that she had once played "strip poker" with them, while they talked about what it would be like to play with their boyfriends. About that time, I heard my parents driving up, and my sister started to leave the room. However, just before leaving, she pulled up her top exposing her firm young breasts and told me that I may even get to see hers more sometime. Thinking about that was enough for several fantasies over the next several days.
The next week, my mother mentioned that they would be going out late the following Friday, and that Stephanie had told her that Lisa had invited the little brother to come to her house for pizza and pool that evening. She wasn't sure that I would be interested in going with the "girls", but I told her that I thought that I would enjoy the evening. My heart was pounding just thinking about it. Steph told me later that if I came, I couldn't tell anyone about it, or she would tell my friends that she had caught me in my bedroom. She did say that if we played poker, that I had better be ready to "go the whole way". That was enough to make me wonder if I had the courage, but also make it hard to sleep thinking about seeing Lisa naked. When I arrived late Friday afternoon, the girls were already out by the pool. I had my swimsuit on under a shirt and shorts, and was anticipating getting in to the pool. When I went out to the pool, Lisa was inside the house. I saw my older sister quickly button her top, but Steph swam up to the poolside obviously topless. She told Melody that I knew that they sometimes went topless, and that I had promised not to tell anyone.
Although I got a pretty good look at her, she did get out and put on a T-shirt while we got ready to eat some pizza. I was a little disappointed when Lisa brought out of Pizza, and was wearing a shirt and shorts. She said that after dinner she might change and go for a dip.
Later on, we moved into the house and put on some music. Lisa's parents had gone to the same party that our folks had gone, and wouldn't be home for hours. When Melody suggested that we play cards, I couldn't believe my ears, but we started by playing hearts. After a while, Steph suggested that we play something more exciting, and suggested strip poker.
Initially Melody seemed hesitant, but to my surprise, Lisa agreed as long as we were willing, and no one would speak of the game outside of the room. I said that I was willing, but I wanted to have an equal number of pieces of clothing. Melody asked if I was sure that I wouldn't chicken out when it got down to the end. I said, let the game begin.
It was decided that each would have 5 pieces of clothing, and that the winner of the hand would be allowed to request who took off a piece (except that everyone could not pick on one person), but that that person was able to select which article was removed. I was relatively comfortable, as I really didn't mind until I would have to remove my underwear. As the game initially began, there was not too much excitement, however, soon it was becoming more critical for some of the women. Soon, Melody lost and was going to remove her T-shirt. She was wearing a bra, however the color and outline of her nipples were visible. Next, I removed my shirt, but still had on shorts and underwear. Lisa seemed to be winning, however her turn soon arrived. Instead of taking off her shirt, she removed her shorts, showing a skimpy pair of bikini underwear. I was amazed that it was still going. Next Steph lost, and removed her top, however she was not wearing a bra, and sat back obviously proud of her bare breasts. Before long, Melody was topless, I was sitting in my underwear, and Lisa had to remove her bra.
I was looking at three bare breasted women, but especially Lisa who had probably 34 C tits with erect nipples. My erection was obvious under my underwear, despite my attempts to hide it by holding my hands in my lap. The tension was getting somewhat obvious, but no one was going to suggest quitting. Next Steph lost and stood to remove her underwear, and I had my first look at my sisters pubic hair. She was quite calm, and sat back down cross legged. Next Lisa lost and it was my chance to see her nude. She stood and slowly peeled off her bottoms, showing a small pubic patch which had been trimmed . I also noticed that there was a wet spot on the crotch of her underwear. She sat back down, but with her legs spread enough that I had my first good look at a developed woman's labia and clitoral hood. I lost next, and the moment of anxiety was upon me. I stood and stripped down my underwear, showing my erection and balls. My penis felt so hard that I almost felt ready to come, but I slowly sat back down. I knew all of their eyes were on my erect penis, and actually I enjoyed the attention after a minute. After that suspense, my sister Melody simply stood and removed her clothes showing the full bush of a woman, but quite noticeably also had some sticky moisture around her labia.
Stephanie broke the ice when she announced to all that I was finally seeing the nude bodies that I had been thinking about while masturbating.
I blushed a scarlet red. Then Lisa said something that both relieved me, but also shocked me. She said that she was excited enough that she felt like she needed to masturbate and that girls did it too. She said that she knew that Melody did it sometimes, and that if I had the nerve to do it in front of them, that she would do it also. Melody's eyes got wide, but Steph blurted out that she wanted to do it, and began to stroke her vulva. With that beginning, Lisa spread her legs wide, massaging her clitoris and vagina and cupping her right breast. I was so hard and excited that I only needed less than a minute to begin ejaculating. I couldn't believe it as my creamy fluid shot out of my penis while three women were watching. Within a few minutes, all of them had climaxed. Lisa was so interested in it that she asked if I could do it again. It took a little while, but she allowed me to look at her cunt, feel her moisture, and squeeze her breasts in order to get hard again. Soon I was stroking and putting on another show.
This was the best incident that happened, and the older girls got more interested in boys their own ages. I did get to look at Steph a few more times as we would occasionally mutually masturbate.



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