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Special Sister-in-law

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I just got back from my sister-in-law's house and wanted to share with your readers what a wonderful woman my sister-in-law, Mary, is.

Mary's husband had left to play golf with the guys and Mary was sitting on her patio drinking her first cup of coffee for the day. She still had her robe on. She saw me pull up and yelled to let me know where she was. I walked up behind her and leaned over and kissed her lightly on the top of her head. My hand went immediately down the inside front of her robe to feel those magnificant 38D's. Her nipples were hard as usual. I sat down facing her and asked how her day was going. We made small talk for a few minutes and then I told her I had a problem that I needed her to help me with. She laughed and said, 'I'll bet you do. You are always horny in the mornings.'

We went inside and wasted no time in getting naked. I lay back across their bed pulling Mary down on top of me. My mouth went directly to those big hard nipples. After biting her nipples playfully and sucking them for a while, my hand moved down the small of her back to her lovely ass. Mary's ass is larger than her twin sister, the woman to whom I am married. Her hips are broader and I love broad hips on a woman.

For some reason my wife has little interest in sex. She has always been that way. I realized after we were married that sex is somethng that she can take or leave. She will have sex with me but she never really wants it. Mary's husband is like my wife. Mary says once a month is enough for him. He would much rather play golf or read or watch TV or do just about anything other than have sex. Me, I need to get laid every day. Lucky for me, Mary is the same way. We have often said it is apparent that we married the wrong person. The fact that our spouses do not have a desire for sex does not make right what Mary and I do, but we do it anyway.

Never-the-less, I ran my hand down Mary's back until I found her puckered little asshole. I stopped to rub my finger around it for a little before going farther down to the opening of her vagina. She was already wet, ready for action.

I rolled over and lay beside Mary. As I sucked her tits I fingered her wet pussy. Her hand reached for my throbbing cock. As soon as she found it she started sliding the skin up and down. It didn't take long until Mary had her first orgasm under my finger. After she finished she gave me the sweetest smile. She then said, 'Will you jack off while you eat my panties?' I replied, 'Anything for you baby.'

Mary loves to watch me take a pair of her dirty panties and lick, suck and chew on the crotch while I jack off. She likes for me to shoot my cum in her panty crotch when I cum. She also uses this opportunity play with her pussy. Mary jumped up and got a pair of her panties from the dirty clothes hamper. I sat back against the head of the bed. The panties smelled wonderful-just like the real thing. The smell of Mary's pussy turns me on like nothing else so it wasn't long until I was shooting a load of hot cum in the crotch of her dirty panties. As soon as I stopped cumming I wiped the remaining cum from my cock and handed the panties to Mary for her to put on later. She loves to wear the panties after they are full of cum.

Mary and I spent the next thirty minutes or so pleasuring each other in many ways. Finally spent, I dressed and kissed her goodbye and left. I don't know what I would do without my so very special sister-in-law.



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