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Special Delivery from the Mailman

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This all happened last summer. My wife and kids had gone away for the weekend, leaving me with a load of chores. It was Saturday afternoon and the sun was beating down hard. I had been digging out some old bushes and fixing the some broken shingles. Even just working in my shorts and work boots, the sweating was pouring out of me. I was ready for a cold drink and a shower. I was just about to go indoors when I heard a familiar voice behind me-it was Dave the mailman. He was younger than me-about 30. He was a good looking masculine guy-about 6 feet tall and I guess around 160 pounds and a nice head of wavy brown hair. He had good firm legs from playing soccer, which looked even better in his USPS issued shorts. 'Boy, you look hot today' I said, immediately realizing what I had said. Trying to cover my embarrasment, he said 'You're looking good yourself' followed with his boyish broad grin. 'What I meant to say was that you look sticky and sweaty' I said, to which he replied 'no wonder in this heat, it must be near 90 degrees and I still have two hours left on my shift'. I felt really sorry for him and said 'step inside for a few minutes to cool down'. He immediately took me up on my offer and stepped into the kitchen. The AC was cranked up and the cold air was so refreshing. 'Want a soda' I said, grabbing one for myself. He immediately downed a can, giving a huge belch afterwards. We both laughed. 'Grab another, if you want'. 'What I really want is to get this wet shirt off for a few minutes-do you mind?' 'Go ahead' I said. I was already stripped down to my shorts.Dave peeled off his wet blue shirt to reveal a fine torso. He was well built with good pecs and abs. No hair other than his happy trail running down from his navel. 'Wow, that feels better already' he said 'Am I stopping you from doing anything' he asked. 'No, I was just about through and was gonna jump in the shower' I replied. 'Now that's what I could really do with-a cool shower'. 'Why don't you' I said and without hesitation, Dave had stepped into the laundry room, where we have a shower. I could hear him singing above the sound of the running water. After a few minutes, he shouted out 'got a towel? I can't see one' Without much thought, I stepped into the laundryroom to pass him a towel, when I was confronted by Dave standing butt naked in the tub. My jaw must have dropped, not from the sight of his fine body or his semi hard cock but from his nuts. They were real low hangers. His sack must have hung a good six inches. He obviously shaved his sack, which made his balls stand out all the more. I swear, each one was the size of an extra large egg! He must have gauged my reaction and the reaction down in my shorts. He just smiled and said 'You look happy to see me' All I could say was 'yep' as I walked over with the towel. I passed him the towel but he just took my hand and placed it under his nut sack. They were a real weight and I moved them around gently. Dave groaned a bit and his cock immediately firmed up-about 8inches of uncut meat. 'That works every time' he said, as he started to beat his meat. My hand moved onto Dave's hard shaft. Moving the loose skin up and down his cock and over the head, I could feel the bulging veins underneath. Dave was lubed up with his own precum but I could tell that he got a great buzz from having his nuts rubbed. I loosened my shorts and let them fall around my ankles. My cock was around the same size but my balls are nothing compared to these two boys. Dave carried on stroking for around 5 minutes, while I rolled his nuts around, stroking my own meat with my other hand. The feeling was great, jacking with this real man's man. Dave then started pumping faster and breathing heavier and I knew the time had come for us both to shoot our loads. Dave shot first, sending five thick ropes over my chest and shoulder.With this,I then shot, again about five ropes, which hit Dave's thigh and cock. We both let out a huge gasp and immediately bear-hugged, rubbing our cum into each others body. Dave said 'Jump in the shower and I'll clean you up. We then washed each other down in the cool water, without speaking a word. Man, that was so hot and I could feel myself firming up again. Dave just laughed and said 'Sorry bud, I gotta get back to work and you have had your special delivery for today'. I still see Dave most days.I always ask 'you got anything special for me today Dave?'. 'I might have a package for you' he always says, with a knowing grin on his face. I'm sure his cock is firming up, just like mine.



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