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Spankings with Sister and Brother

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I am new to SoloTouch and spent a snowed in weekend pouring over the archives, where I read and loved Jennifer Barnes' stories and spankings and masturbation. Jennifer, if you're still reading here, your stories stirred up such memories and old feelings in me!


I too had parents who believed in spanking and was spanked more than a few times together with my older sister and younger brother, until we were all too old for it. I vividly recall those scenes and the feelings of humiliation and embarrassment, along with the tightness in my stomach and the warm tingle in my crotch. I would watch with fascination and excitement as my sister and brother were told to take their undies off and lay over mother's or father's lap to receive their smacks. I loved seeing their bare butts, the hand making contact, hearing the sounds that went with it. Always feeling that I was the strange one, I thought I was the only one who felt the tingle and turn on, although I did know that my brother had a boner many of the times. (I suspect that's why the group spankings stopped, soon after he entered puberty.) I think we were all too embarrassed and ashamed to talk about it, so I never knew their feelings.

What I do know is that I would masturbate as soon as we were dismissed, if I possibly could. (My sister shared a room until I was older and she moved out.) When the circumstances didn't allow an immediate release, I would store those feelings and images in my erotic memory until it was possible to have a long, private masturbation session. Then I would pour over every detail of my own and my siblings' spankings as I slowly teased and satisfied my desperate inner cravings. I would masturbate many times over each spanking incident, until something new came along to replace it. Almost always, I would start out humping a pillow, with my ass sticking up, feeling the coolness of the air on my bare skin. That was the 'my spanking' phase, where I would anticipate and feel each slap and the growing warmth of my ass skin and pussy. When I'd had my fill of that, I would turn onto my back and begin jilling in earnest, remembering the warmth on my bare ass and all the juicy details of my brother and sisters spanking...their shivering and goosebumps while they waited for their turn, their underpants or panties coming off, their efforts to cover themselves, their protests and pleas (or sometimes just resignation), the sight of them bent over and whatever my vantage point allowed me to see of their genitals (and any signs of arousal, like my own), the pinkish-red marks on their ass skin, the look on their faces when they stood up from getting theirs, my brother's obvious boner, if he still had one. And all of these images mixed with the stirrings in my belly and the wetness and tingle in my young pussy.

When I grew older and there were no more spankings, I still masturbated over the old spankings and sometimes mixed in new fantasies. Sometimes I would hone in on what my sister felt and whether she jilled off after her spankings. For awhile I was obsessed with my brother's penis and what it was like for him getting a spanking with a hard on. I dwelt on that and would feel whether he masturbated after. (I feel pretty sure now that he did!)

My favorite fantasy was that a boyfriend and I were caught making out in the basement with zipper and my blouse open. His parents were called and had agreed that we were both going to get a spanking, right here, right now, and we had to watch each other get it. THAT would cool our depraved childhood tendencies, they thought! Mind you, we had never seen each other naked before. My pussy and panties were soaking wet from making out, and I guess he still had his erection--or he got another one from the situation we were in. I was allowed to keep my bra and open blouse in, but my panties were pulled down below my knees. I felt a horrible mix of humiliation and sexy feelings at having him see me that way, and I felt both bad for him and extremely curious as he was stripped down and spanked. My dad then drove him home while my mom gave me a stern lecture and sent me to my room, where I sobbed and licked my wounds. I did not Jill off that night, but a few days later the sexiness of that scene revisited me and brought me to the strongest cum ever!

I have not been spanked since those teenage years, but I still masturbate with those thoughts and memories. Sometimes I think I would like to be spanked one more time, knowing what I know now, just to feel those feelings again. To see if they are still as sexy and erotic as my youthful memories. I wonder if it would lead to mutual masturbation--or more--with the person who laid me over and spanked me (whether male or female). In my many fantasies, I have imagined all of those possibilities!



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